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  • 12 Days Of Prima Magic: Steampunk Edition!

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    Jen Farooq

    It is day 11 of our “12 Days of Christmas Magic”!

    Today we have all things STEAMPUNK!

    Steampunk always makes me think of gears and cogs and dark moody colors; all of which I just love! Finnabair is the queen of all things steampunk when it comes to paper craft and mixed media so it seems only fitting that her design team graces us with some of their beautiful steampunk projects. With moulds and mechanicals adorning these spunky projects, this steampunk Christmas is sure to delight!

    If this is the first time you have heard of our special, click here to follow along and check out the Prima GIVE-AWAY!

    “I love steampunk-themed objects, gears, cogs, chains, and clocks but not necessarily dark colours that were so popular in that era. So when creating  Steampunk Christmas projects I tend to do it in light colours.
    This time was no different and I again combined steampunk with white!

    I turned 2 small wooden hearts into Christmas ornaments.
    The composition is mainly created out of cogs in various sizes.” -Emilia

    Art Alchemy  - Metallique Wax - White Pearl - 1 tube, 20ml

    Products used:
    -969370 Finnabair Mould – Clock Faces – 968939 Finnabair Mould – Large Gears – 968380 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – White Pearl – 961039 Mechanicals – Leaves 1
    – 967161 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland Leaves

    “Hi Finnabair lovers!
    The magical time of the year is approaching and I have created this steampunk snowflake with
    moulds, textures, paints and glitter.
    Enjoy these endearing parties!
    Hadry Dc

    -965679 Art Extravagance – Rust Effect Paste – Metal Rust -969134 Art Ingredients – Glitter Set – Winter – 969226 Art Ingredients – Metallic Flakes – Dublin
    – 963705 Art Ingredients – Art Stones –

    “Ho, ho, ho!
    Christmas is coming, beautiful decorations and a wonderful atmosphere. How about handmade
    decorations? It’s a pleasure with Finnabair mixed media products!
    Today I have a Steampunk Christmas tree for you, with cogs, gears, wire and cabochons on
    it. The
    whole project is covered with rust effect pastes and waxes. Maybe unusual, but who said that all
    decorations have to be the same.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas,”
    Kasia Salmanowicz

    – 963453 Mechanicals Steampunk Gears – 963576 Art Extravagance Rust Effect Paste
    -963323 Art Ingredients Melange Art Pebbles -964009 Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Brushed Iron -961466 Art Basics Gesso Clear

    “The countdown to Christmas is almost halfway completed, but it’s never too late to
    step up your decorations! This years theme is Steampunk, and is it really Christmas
    without silver bells.
    Enjoy this quick tutorial of me creating an ornament perfect for this season.” -Kesho Kage

    -969424 Finnabair Mould – Pieces of Underworld -968939 Finnabair Mould – Large Gears
    -962968 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black – tube -963965 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Aged Brass -968823 Art Ingredients – Metallic Flakes – Silver

    “Hello friends! Margarita Shkludova is here.

    The most magical time of the year is coming! We are preparing, decorating our house and Christmas tree. I love unusual decorations and the Steampunk Christmas theme inspires me a lot! I prepared this Christmas tree pendant “Steampunk Bulb” to inspire you for an unusual and interesting Christmas!

    Have a wonderful holiday!” -Margarita Shkludova

    -967314 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Emerald -967222 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Burnt Sienna -969400 Finnabair Mould – Mecha Moth -967130 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Rusty Knobs -961138 Mechanicals – Type Writer Numbers

    “For this Steampunk Christmas, I was inspired to create a medallion bauble with this large gear from the Large Gears mould. To make it fit perfectly into the bauble, I moulded it in resin with some self-hardening paste to stop the resin and have several detachable pieces.

    After a coat of gesso, brushed iron and old silver waxes to give a metallic look, I added a little liquid acrylic for a vintage and bluish atmosphere. A simple composition with floral metallic embellishments. A touch of peacock and rich copper waxes and my decoration is ready to go on the Christmas tree.

    You can see it all in my video

    I hope you like it and want to try this easy to make decorations. I wish you a happy holiday season.” -Roxane S

    -963996 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Old Silver -962968 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black – tube -967154 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland Ferns -967758 Art Alchemy – Sparks – Night Shadow -963989 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Rich Copper

    “Hi everyone, winter is around. I hope you like the snow:) I prepared easy inspiration for this
    amazing season. Door or window hanger in vintage style. I used, of course,  a lot of Finn’s products, especially my favorite impasto and waxes. What do you think about this kind of decoration?” -Wiola Wuwu

    Art Alchemy- Impasto Paint - Mediterranean

    -966447 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Mediterranean -964634 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Azure -963040 Art Basics – Heavy Body Gel -964016 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – White Gold

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