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  • Angel Policy

    Prima Marketing Inc

    Thank you for choosing our products for your creative projects. Our copyrighted materials are protected by law, and we have established this Angel Policy to provide guidelines for the use of our products.

    Limit on Finished Products:

    Individuals or businesses are allowed to sell no more than 100 finished products that feature our copyrighted designs or products.


    We require that individuals or businesses properly attribute our copyrighted designs or products when they are used in any publication, advertisement, or other promotional material.

    Restrictions on Production:

    The sale of items that incorporate our copyrighted designs or products is limited to hand-made or small- scale production. Mass production or commercial use of our copyrighted designs or products is prohibited.


    Any alterations or modifications made to our copyrighted designs or products must be significant enough to create a new and distinct work, rather than a simple reproduction of the original design.


    The license to use our copyrighted materials is non-transferable. This means that individuals or businesses are not permitted to transfer or sell their license to use our copyrighted materials to any other party.


    We reserve the right to modify or terminate this Angel Policy at any time without notice. By using our copyrighted materials, individuals and businesses agree to comply with this Angel Policy and all applicable laws and regulations.

    In conclusion, our Angel Policy is designed to protect our copyrighted materials while still allowing individuals and businesses to create and sell unique products. By following these guidelines, we can ensure that our copyrighted materials are used in a responsible and ethical manner.

    Best Regards
    Prima Marketing, Inc.

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