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  • Art Extravagance: Paste

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    Jen Farooq

    Today is all about Finnabair’s Art Extravagance Paste. Paste is a mixed-media product that can be used to add texture and/or color to your projects. Often the paste has a special effect that happens as it dries…like rust effect, crackle paste, etc. Some pastes have special mix-in products like graphite paste, and unicorn paste…for special effects as they dry.

    Paste is very forgiving and can be applied to almost any surface substrate: plastic, metal, paper, resin, etc. Apply with your fingers or a brush, spread over a stencil to create patterned textures with a palette knife, thin with water for spreading in hard to reach places or for a lighter effect. Once applied let the paste air dry, or use a heat gun.

    Texture paste serves as a versatile medium for creating textured, porous surfaces, offering endless creative possibilities. Finnabair’s Texture paste, crafted for Prima, offers a diverse range of options including Crackle, Sand, and Paper variations.

    Crackle paste, with its smooth application, undergoes a fascinating transformation as it dries, developing intricate cracks. Applying a thin layer yields delicate fissures, while a thicker application produces more pronounced cracks, albeit with a longer drying time. This unique quality makes it perfect for infusing projects with an aged, weathered appearance, adding depth and character.

    Sand and Graphite paste, on the other hand, create visually striking surfaces with pronounced textures, enriching projects with dimensional elements. These pastes offer opportunities for experimentation, allowing artists to explore different techniques and applications to achieve desired effects.

    Meanwhile, Paper Texture Paste dries with a matte finish reminiscent of handcrafted paper, adding a tactile quality to creations.

    When applying texture paste, using a palette knife or similar texture tool. These tools ensure that the paste retains its shape, facilitating the creation of intricate designs and patterns. Additionally, ypu can enhance the paste’s versatility by incorporating pigments or paints, resulting in custom colors that suit their artistic vision.

    Art Extravagance- Texture Paste - Platinum Crackle 8.45oz (250ml)
    Art Extravagance- Texture Paste - Copper Crackle 8.45oz (250ml)

    Patina and Rust pastes are ideal for imbuing a piece with the weathered look of age and character. Rust effect paste is particularly suited for creating textured rust effects, adding dimension that complements projects with a steampunk, grunge, or masculine aesthetic. To achieve a natural appearance, blend the colors with a sponge or palette knife, allowing for seamless integration into your design.

    Similarly, Patina paste offers a method of aging projects, mimicking the distinctive Patina like effect often seen on metal surfaces. This paste replicates the nuanced patina that develops over time, adding depth and authenticity to your creations. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic, vintage, or industrial vibe, both Rust and Patina pastes provide an effective means of enhancing the visual appeal and narrative of your artwork.

    Effect paste indeed adds a touch of enchantment to any project, captivating viewers with its magical shimmer and sparkle. Infused with glitter and mica, effect paste offers a visually stunning, shimmery effect that elevates artworks to new heights of allure.

    Finnabair’s Effect paste collection boasts an array of mesmerizing effects, each with its own unique charm. From the luxurious golden allure of Golden Dragon, which leaves behind thick, shimmering pieces of gold, to the ethereal sparkle of Pixie Effect paste, which creates an iridescent pastel shimmer, these pastes offer a spectrum of possibilities for artists to explore.

    The thick texture of effect paste provides artists with precision and control and the addition of dimension to their creations. Whether applied with a palette knife or a texture tool, the paste holds its shape admirably, facilitating the realization of intricate designs and patterns.

    Jewel and Icing Paste offer a truly captivating finish, leaving behind a distinctive metallic glittery surface that instantly elevates any project. Jewel Paste come in bright jewel tones where as Icing paste have a slightly softer look. These pastes are visually stunning and incredibly versatile. Use a pallet knife to apply Jewel or Icing paste to your project or create intricate raised designs with remarkable ease when paired with stencils.

    Art Extravagance Icing Paste-Old Silver
    Art Extravagance Icing Paste-Amethyst Magic
    Art Extravagance Icing Paste-White Gold

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