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  • Build it with Bricks

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    Jen Farooq

    With Sharon Ziv’s new moulds, Made of Brick #930448 and Window to the Soul #930431 you have nearly all the ingredients to build a miniature doll house. Two of our designers did something just like that with a miniature Greenhouse and flower shop. Now I am not as talented as our design team so I’m more of the buy-a-kit and add a few touches to customize it to perfection, but these moulds have me itching to create something cute. Just imagine all the cure projects you can create!

    Of course, you are not limited to building an adorable miniature, these moulds are the perfect addition to any mixed-media project. The beauty of moulds is that you only need to buy them once and you can use them forever! No need to spend money on each individual casting when you can create as many as you want with a single mould!

    “I love flowers AND Prima new Moulds! So I decided to build my own flower shop! To create it, I used the amazing Aquarelle Dreams collection and new moulds from the collection SharonZiv.” -Marina 

    #930448 Sharon Ziv Moulds – Made of bricks – 1 #930431 Sharon Ziv Moulds – Window to the soul #659660 Aquarelle Dreams Collection Flowers #659400 Aquarelle Dreams Collection Ephemera #659356 Aquarelle Dreams Collection 12×12 Paper Pad

    “Hello All Everyone! Today I am sharing a Mixed Media Canvas that I created using a couple of Prima’s New Moulds. If you haven’t seen the latest moulds you should definitely check them out, they really are Amazing! 

    For my canvas I paired Sharon Ziv’s “Window to the Soul Mould” with lots of the Plant Department Collection. I really like the way this canvas turned out, I hope that you like to.” -Lanette 

    930431 -Sharon Ziv Moulds – Window to the soul 662004 -The Plant Department Mould 643102 -REDESIGN DÉCOR MOULDS®- FOREST FLORA 815301 -REDesign Décor Mould -Keyholes 850456 – The Plant Department 12×12 Paper – Fleur 661977 -The Plat Department Chipboard 661113 – Sharon Ziv Flowers – Lily White 661090 -Sharon Ziv Flowers – Spring Branch 661120 – Sharon Ziv Flowers – Porcelain Florals 995812 -Memory Hardware Pearls 3 961435 -Art Basics – Soft Gloss Gel 963705 -Art Ingredients- Art Stones 961893 -2.5X3 Clear Stamps-Messy 963965 -Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Aged Brass 961442 -Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White 

    “Sharon’s window is definitely my favorite mould from the latest news. It would seem that it is “just” a window, but in fact it is so versatile that these elements can be used in many different ways. In this project I used a beautiful casting with ornaments, which created a great background for a really simple composition. Just two colors of paint, a light composition of papers and my project was ready. However, it wouldn’t be the same without this unique mould.” -Kasia

    Art Alchemy- Impasto Paint - Victorian Green

    Sharon Ziv Moulds – Window to the soul 930431 Metallique Wax – Mint Sparkle 966751 Liquid Acrylic Paint – Burnt Sienna 967222 Impasto Paint – Victorian Green 966423 Miel Collection 12×12 Sheet – Todo Lo Que Amo 998028 Farm Sweet Farm Collection 12×12 Sheet – Local Florist 849405

    “Today is all about MOULDS over at Prima. I created a 3D Greenhouse featuring the new moulds designed by Sharon Ziv and of course the NEW The Plant Department collection. I love how versatile these moulds are, the possibilities are endless! I used some lovely Finnabair products and touches of Redesign too. I used little thimbles to create my pots for the plants. The cute Wellington boots were red, I prepped them with clear gesso. I then painted them with chalk paste and decorated both with a transfer. I adorned the rest of my project with cute miniatures, artificial moss, nocturnal insects (from Finn’s mould) and gorgeous Prima flowers and leaves.” -Tanya 

    Product list:

    930431 Sharon Ziv Moulds Window to the Soul 930448 Sharon Ziv Moulds Made of Bricks 930394 Sharon Ziv Transfer Greenery Day 661106 Sharon Ziv Flowers Gilded Flight 961459 Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso 964696 Art Extravagance Rust Effect Paste Brown Rust 967222 Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paint Burnt Sienna 963958 Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Vintage Gold 966751 Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Mint Sparkle 969417 Imaginarium Moulds Nocturnal Insects

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