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    Art Recipe January 2020

    It’s our first Art Recipe in new year! We are happy to inspire you for another year 🙂 Today Art Recipe colours have nothing in common with current season, but this could be the best way to turn your thoughts...

    A Touch of Watercolor!

    Adding watercolors to your cards and tags is not as scary as it might sound! In fact it is much easier than using colored sprays as you have control over the exact colors, control over the placement of the color, and there won't be over spray!


    It's November! This national month of gratitude often nudges us to reflect on the beautiful message of thankfulness....a purposeful focus change off of the negative to appreciating the positive things in our lives. (And studies show this is much healthier for us!)

    Selfie Day!

    We love seeing layouts and projects of YOU the artist! Of course, we sometimes have to scrap about ourselves! It reminds us about how beautiful we are and the happiness we bring to others. Today the team wants to share their favorite Selfie projects!

    Introducing: The Dulce Collection

    Discover Dulce by Frank Garcia, a collection inspired by the celebration of everything sweet, fun, and pretty! Mixing beautiful flowers with carnival adorable-ness Dulce will inspire you to create something pretty with its unique confetti foil and adorable embellishments!

    Prima Flowers

    Beautiful. Exquisite. Handmade. Prima's flowers are truly the benchmark for all flowers! Today we celebrate their beauty with a few special projects + video by our very own flower experts, Sharon Ziv + Anita Bownds!