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  • Create With Me!

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    Today we have a VERY special feature and we want YOU to get involved!!! Karine is here to lead the way with inspiration and a little about herself. Our goal is to have you join in with us and create something about yourself!

    “For today’s inspiration, I wanted to let you know a little bit about me. I wanted to do a voice over on the process video I made, but my microphone isn’t working, so I’ll write a few words here. (It’s sad, because you don’t get to hear my beautiful (sic) French Canadian accent.)” Karine Gagnon

    I’m a 40 year old mother of two and partner to a wonderful man for 24 years. I’m also a high school french teacher. I’ve always been creative: I draw, I paint, I write, I take pictures and, of course, I scrapbook. I think I’m passionate about this wonderful hobby since 2006. 

    People who know me well would tell you that I’m passionate, sensible and pretty funny, but I can also be stubborn. I’m a dreamer, an optimist, someone who tries to see the good in everybody. That’s why I chose those word stickers as titles on my layout. 

    If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, here is the link to my account: https://www.instagram.com/mes10doigts/

    And here is the link to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPbbm3fC_XYs3l3JKZfGgCQ?view_as=subscriber

    I wish to invite you to create something that will tell us a little bit about yourself. I’d like to get to know a little bit about Prima’s fans!

    Video Tutorial

    Video Link: https://youtu.be/S9qwYLS16rU

    Prima Supplies:

    995416 – Autumn Sunset Collection – Autumn Morning 12×12 paper, 961466 – Art Basics – Gesso – Clear, 642143 – Watercolor Confections – Currents, 588878 – Color Bloom 2 – Magic Stone, 966683 – 6×9 Stencil – Swirly Florals, 966164 – Art Extravagance – Icing Paste – Vintage Gold, 963064 – Art Alchemy – Acrylic Paint – Metallique – Steampunk Copper, 966935 – Art Extravagance – Effect Paste – Golden Nugget, 995515 – Autumn Sunset Collection – 3×4 Journaling Notecards, 995546 – Autumn Sunset Collection – Ephemera, 642723 – Autumn Sunset Flowers – Autumn Leaves, 642778 – Autumn Sunset Flowers – Harvest Moon, 642785 – Autumn Sunset Flowers – Autumn Sunset, 642839 – Autumn Sunset Flowers – Punpkin Pie, 642754 – Autumn Sunset – Harvest, 961428 – Art Basics – Soft Matte Gel, 963323 – Art Ingredients – Mélange Art Pebbles, 966294 – Art Ingredients – Melange – Vintage Art Pebbles, 961756 – Art Ingredients – Mica Flakes – Gold Leaf, 961640 – Art Ingredients – Glass Glitter – Copper, 962555 – Art Ingredients – Micro Beads – Black, 995881 – Autumn Sunset Collection – SIIC, 966768 – Art Alchemy – Wax – Metallic – Old Denim, 964849 – Art Daily – Sentiments Stickers

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