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  • Creating with Moulds!

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    Happy Monday! We’re kicking off our week with a wonderful exploration of our amazing moulds! From small to large, our mould designs will help you embellish everything from tags to large home decor pieces!

    What are Moulds?

    Our gorgeous silicone moulds are available in our Finnabair, redesign with Prima®, and Frank Garcia lines! Each one is heat resistant up to pretty high temps + they are food safe, which opens up a whole new world of moulding possibilities!

    What can I put in them?

    Get ready! These babies can handle wax, resin, hot glue, soap, modeling material, clay, chocolate, fondant, and almost anything that can be poured or pressed in will work!

    Can I see some examples?

    Absolutely! Let’s show you some of our mould designs + projects created by our fabulous design team!

    redesign with Prima® Moulds

    Finnabair Moulds

    Prima + Frank Garcia Moulds


    “If you know me and my art, you probably noticed that I really enjoy pieces with dimension. My friends often tell me that my layouts keep getting thicker and thicker (and they are so right!). One of the many products I absolutely love to create dimension are moulded pieces. My absolute favorite mould is the Leafy Blossoms by redsign with Prima®. I really love all the leaves. It’s so easy to pair with almost everything! I love using it in flowers clusters, like I did here, on this reversed canvas. And don’t hesitate to paint those moulded pieces. Here, I only added a touch of green paint to match my layout, but you can go totally crazy with colors! There is NO limit!” ~ Karine

    Prima Products:

    961442 – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White, 965259 – Art Extravagance – Paper Texture Paste, 966652 – 6×9 Stencil – Manuscript, 965686 – Art Extravagance – Rust Effect Paste – Camouflage Set, 964078 – Art Alchemy – Acrylic Paint – Sparks – Fairy Wings, 935756 – re-design – Moulds – Leafy Blossoms, 642136 – re-design – Modeling Material, 993979 – Love Story – 6×6 Paper Pad, 961091 – Mechanicals – Bottle Caps Trinkets, 990312 – Memory Hardware – La Vie Antique Cloches, 994365 – Memory Hardware – Antique Metalware – Little Mini Spoons, 638054 – Spring Farmhouse Flowers – Humble & Kind, 631284 – Love Story Flowers – Charlize, 631109 – Cherry Blossom Flowers – Rylie, 631338 – Love Story Flowers – Damianne, 961428 – Art Basics – Soft Matte Gel, 964672 – Art Ingredients – Mega Art Stones, 961602 – Art Ingredients – Glitter Set – Ebony & Ivory, 961619 – Art Ingredients – Glitter Set – Abloom

    “Although I moved five months ago, my apartment still needs some decorations.  This time I decided to make pots for two large plants.  I used wonderful Redesign with Prima decor molds and Impasto Paints, and, as a finishing touch, I used waxes that beautifully highlighted the castings. These are definitely not the last pots I will make!” ~ Reniferove

    Prima Products:


    “The closing Holiday season inspired me to create a sugar plum fairy of my own using Dulce and Finnabair moulds. Well, she can be an angel as well with her white wings and flowing flocks.” ~ Riikka

    “I used the Dulce patterned paper for her dress and cut a random cone shape out of it. Her head and wings are done using Finnabair moulds. I painted all the castings first with white gesso and then added some Metallique paints to the flowers and her hair. Her face and wings are matte, painted with just white gesso or Impasto paints. The wings have a tad of shimmer, though, as I added a swipe of Metallique wax on top. “

    “The album could be used for documenting December or Christmas, for example.”

    Prima Products:

    966607 Finnabair mould Flower queen , 966614 Finnabair mould Cogs and wings , 995676 Dulce A4 pad , 961701 Art Ingredients Glass Beads Butter , 962562 Art Ingredients Micro Beads Silver , 995409 Christmas in the Country Snowflake charms , 961435 Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel , 964009 Art Alchemy Metallique wax Brushed Iron , 966379 Art Alchemy Impasto acrylic paint Boudoir pink , 967833 Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint Flame , 967789 Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint Spring blossom , 644581 Dulce flowers Fairy Dust , 961602 Art Ingredients Glitter Set Ebony and Ivory , 966287 Art Ingredients Art Stones Sugar , 966676 Finnabair stencil Passiflora , 961442 Art Basics Heavy Gesso White , 964771 Art Daily Chipboard Album

    Prima has so MANY gorgeous moulds and toady we are showing some them off in our projects. I have created this canvas featuring the lovely Darcelle collection along with some Re-Design with Prima moulds and the pretty Darcelle mould.” ~ Tanya

    “It is so much fun to make your own embellishments. I have prepped my canvas with white gesso and coloured the background with Artisan Powders. I have prepped my moulded embellishments with white gesso, too, and altered them with Finnabair‘s paints.”

    “I have torn lots of pieces of paper from the A4 paper pad and layered them. Next I added the torn paper cluster onto the moulded embellishments some of which I tucked in behind the paper pieces. I added a quote from the collection and then adorned the rest of the canvas with the collection’s S T U N N I N G flowers, die-cut leaves and some paint splatters.”

    Prima Products:

    632403 Re-Design Decor Mould Bridgeport Irongate, 636340 Re-Design Decor Mould Regal Trimmings, 632250 Re-Design Decor Mould Everleigh Flourish, 599409 Silicone Mould Wing and Locket, 635190 Re-Design Chalk Paste Chalky White, 41986 Darcelle Collection A4 Paper Pad, 642099 Darcelle Collection Silcone Mould, 644499 Darcelle Flowers Gilded Beauties, 644468 Darcelle Flowers Historic Moment, 644437 Darcelle Flowers Left Behind, 644376 Darcelle Flowers Lost Memories, 961442 Art Basics Heavy White Gesso, 961503 Art Extravagance White Crackle Texture Paste, 965150 Art Alchemy Metallique Paint Red Wine, 964450 Art Alchemy Metallique Paint Midnight Sky, 964061 Art Alchemy Sparks Paint Unicorn’s Hair, 966362 Art Alchemy Impasto Paint Burlap, 992910 Memory Hardware Artisan Powder Mesdames Merlot, 994310 Memory Hardware Artisan Powder Orleans Taupe

    Aren’t these amazing? Playing with moulds is so much FUN! You really just need to try one and see how many gorgeous embellishments you can make! Look for MORE fresh ideas on our redesign with Prima Facebook page or Instagram page!

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