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  • Exploring the Magic of Mica Powder

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    Jen Farooq

    Have you had the chance to explore Finnabair’s Mica powder yet? If you’re new to the world of mica powder, it might initially appear somewhat intimidating. However, rest assured that using mica powder is remarkably straightforward and incredibly versatile.

    But first, what exactly is mica powder? It’s essentially finely ground mica mineral powder, imbued with natural iridescence. As an artistic medium, it serves as an excellent alternative to traditional glitter, boasting a diverse array of colors while still leaving behind a captivating sheen. Finnabair’s mica powder are conveniently available in color-coordinated sets, ensuring you always have a perfectly matched color palette at your disposal.

    The applications for mica powder are numerous and varied. You can lightly sprinkle it onto adhesive or a medium just before it sets. Incorporate it into resin to infuse your castings with vibrant hues. Alternatively, blend it into a clear medium and use it as a paint on your project. Don’t hesitate to experiment with color combinations to achieve your ideal aesthetic, as mica powder blends seamlessly with a wide spectrum of mediums. Whether you’re working with gesso, acrylic paints, or simply mixing it with water, mica powder proves to be a versatile and exciting addition to your creative toolbox.

    Do you have a favorite method for adding mica powder to your projects?

    “I love how versatile they are, in this canvas I used them to create the background, dye the die cut leaves, and color the melange art pebbles. Use them in a spray bottle diluted in water, they are perfect for creating a beautiful effect on our projects.” -Mila

    Snowflake Paste 120ml.

    .Products Used: -# 969172 Mica powder – set Golden hour. -#961442 Art basics Heavy gesso white. -# 961503 Art extravagance – texture paste – white crackle. -#961411 Art extravagance – snowflake paste. -# 961381 Art basics – 3D gloss gel. -#964658 Art alchemy – Impasto dark chocolate.-# 964542 Art alchemy – Impasto pumpkin. -# 966645 Finnabair stencil – Tapestry  -# 967338 Art alchemy – Liquid acrylic – Umber. -# 963705 Art ingredients – Art stones. -# 963323 Art ingredients – Melange art pebbles. # 664589 Prima flowers. #100025 Prima flowers assorted bag – playground crayons.-# 995836 Memory hardware – pearl Gilded. -# 990398 Memory hardware – Pearl.

    “Hello Dearies!

    Today we are sharing projects using Finnabair’s Mica Powders 

    Here are a few tips before we go into details :):

    Tip1: Make your own texture paste – Mix “White Sand” texture paste with “Mica Powders” to get beautiful grainy colored texture paste.

    Tip2: Make your own metallic paint – Mix “Mica Powders” with “Acrylic Fluid Medium” to create beautiful metallic paints.

    I started by applying prepped texture paste(Tip1) through the “Mind Games” stencil on the acrylic ATCs. I kept them aside for drying and started prepping the “In the Garden” chipboard, gear and dragonfly mould embellishments with the paint I had prepared(Tip2). Once dried, I highlighted the mould embellishments with the white gesso.

    Then I started creating the composition by layering the gear and the dragonfly embellishment in the center of the base. Then I layered the chipboards on the left side of the composition. I then added “Coffee Break – Chai Tea” flowers and inserted fussy cuts from “Golden Coast” in between the layers.

    To adorn the project, I added memory hardware pearls, art stones and sequins. I then added art pebbles and white gesso splatters.

    To finish the project, I added “Apricot Honey – Deep Love” paper to the base.

    Hope you like the ATCs, Happy Crafting!” -Veena

    Art Extravagance- Texture Paste - White Sand 8.45oz (250ml)
    Finnabair Mica Set - Oriental


    “I  love Mica Powders because they are such versatile products! Have you already used them? You can create gorgeous backgrounds with beautiful colors and a shiny metallic effect with Finnabair’s Mica’s powders!!!You can mix Mica Powder in with so many products! Gel, pastes, water, homemade slime, etc!

    I made a tutorial where I give a few tips how to use Mica Powders Enjoy! 😘” -Sanna

    Products Used: -# 969165 Art Ingredients – Mica Powder Set – Vintage -#968960 Finnabair Stencil – Ghostwriter – –# 961473 – ART EXTRAVAGANCE- TEXTURE PASTE – WHITE SAND -# 967390 – ART ALCHEMY-ACRYLIC FLUID MEDIUM -#961442 Art basics Heavy gesso white. -# 961381 Art basics – 3D gloss gel.-# 961503 Art extravagance – texture paste – white crackle.

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