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  • Finnabair Art Recipe January 2021

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    Adrienne Garcelli

    Hello friends,

    It’s new year!! Unbelievable how fast time is flying! We hope this year will be much better than the previous one. Generally speaking we hope for the best and we wish you the best!!

    Because today is second Sunday of the month we are here with a totally new moodboard. The moodboard and all details of our Art Recipe are available below. We hope you will feel inspired and join our challenge.


    We hope you have familiarized already with our new visual moodboards, that consist of:

    – 4 products to choose from – they are shown on the right

    – colour palette – right next to the products and each colour has their own circle

    – and visual inspiration in a form of several beautiful images.

    It is easy to remember – things in circles are the core of the challenge (colours and products) and things in squares/rectangles are only a visual inspiration to help you get creative juices flowing.

    Just to make sure, you are all well informed, we would like to let you know, that challenges will be going live usually each second Sunday of the month. So please do not be surprised, that Inlinkz is closed the day before. Please keep that in mind planning your entering the challenge 🙂 because we love your projects so much and we do not want to lose any of them!


    The rules are very simple. Each challenge consists of colour palette and products. You need to stick to the colour palette and use at least 2 of the products listed in a challenge.

    Products to choose from:

    Effect Pastes
    Liquid Acrylics
    Tissue Papers

    The colours: deep brown, dark blue, orange

    If the products on your project are not easy to recognize, please add in description information, where exactly we can see them.
    Challenge is open till February, 13th. The winner will be invited to be Guest Designer on our blog.

    Project by: Martina Stoycheva

    Hello everyone!Our moodboard for January is so incredibly inspiring that I just couldn`t resist. I created altered palette in steampunk style with a glittery twist, coming from the new Golden Dragon paste. Rust paste was my base and then I added accents with Liquid Acrylics. I top it all out with wax – Firebird and White Pearl. 

    Products Used:

    Project by: Anat Weksler

    Hello crafty friends!New year and new amazing Moodboard to inspire us! Deep and bold colors. Fabulous products! Do we need more?I have chosen to alter and upcycle two metal tins, giving it a dark vintage look.

    Each one was built a bit different, achieving a completely different look although I was using almost the same products. I used the new Phoenix effect paste on some distinct materials getting marvellous yet different shimmery result. The new mini Tissue papers were used both in the Background and as a focal image.

    Looking forward to seeing your creations for this month!Xoxo

    Products Used:

    Project by: Emilia Tapiola

    I love the rich, sumptuous combination of deep blue and dark brown, with a hint of gold. I was so excited to start with this January Art Recipe theme, I had it all planned out, when I gathered all the materials together; I’d create a large tag with a mystical theme, deepest velvety, royal blue background with lots of gold… Well. You know the feeling when you realise the project has a mind of its own and refuse all collaboration? When you have something specific in mind, but somehow your hands are drawn to completely different choices? When it’s like you had nothing to say to the subject? Yes, that one. It happens to me all the time and I don’t know if it should be good or a bad thing, but I enjoy it enormously. It’s like I’m thrown in the middle of an adventure, seeing myself creating something that I have absolutely no idea what it will end up being. This is one of those creations that needed to be born. I think my subconscious spoke volumes, and I am so delighted to see the result. This Art Recipe was almost if it was made for me, as a healing art recipe.

    Instead of starting with the tag I had cut ready, I somehow find myself gessoing a tiny canvas of 20cm x 20cm. As the Art Recipe included tissue paper in the material list, I took blue tone tissue paper and with Soft Gloss Gel attached it to the canvas, making sure there’d be lots of crumbles, folds, and texture in it, and after it was dry, I added gesso over it. I didn’t cover the canvas entirely but left the tissue paper shining through a bit. 

    Then I took Prussian Blue, Ochre, Burnt Sienna, and Ink Black Liquid Acrylics, with Golden Dragon effect Paste to fulfill the Art Recipe colour theme of dark blue, dark brown, and orange. I played with the Liquid Acrylics, just the way I always do; just let them decide how they like to appear. The marvelous Liquid Acrylics are my absolute favourite medium, as it’s so easy to gain artsy effects with them, almost like watercolours, but much better. I used lots of water and a smallish brush, and draw lines with the paints, sprayed a bit of water, let them spread, and blended the paints a bit with a baby wipe.

    Then I added some textured structure in form of a stencil. As I had no idea whatsoever what I was doing anyway but enjoyed enormously whatever I was doing, I played with the stencil, too. I took White Sand Texture Paste and bonked some Prussian Blue and Ink Black and Burnt Sienna Liquid Acrylics into it and splashed a nice dollop of Golden Dragon Effect Paste for good measure. I didn’t mix them much, just a tiniest bit with a pallet knife and with a stencil, added the mixture into the canvas. 

    After the texture mix had dried, I blended the colouring a bit with the Liquid Acrylics and gesso, to make it visible but not standing out too much, as it was just a dimensional addition to the canvas painting. After that I had to decide how to proceed. What to add to the canvas, although to be honest, it’d be just lovely as it was, an abstract painting. I had just finished off with frames for New Year and had tiny Prima resin frame already painted  (live stream I made for Finnabair and Re.design with Prima here, for a tutorial how I altered the frame ) and ended up framing a print of a painting by tone of my favourite Finnish artist ever, Helene Schjerfbeck, with it.  It needed something more, so I took a largeish Prima chipboard and glued it to the canvas with Heavy Body Gel, painted it with the same texture mix I used for the stencil, and then attached the frame on top, again with Heavy Body Gel.

    The canvas needed just a little something more, and so I added three mechanical butterflies into it, like they were flying off from the frame, and for balance, added some leaves below. Then I painted them with a mix of gesso and the liquid acrylics, so that they, too would blend into the canvas. 

    As finishing touches, I gently brushed some Golden Dragon paste here and there, and added Vintage Gold metal wax into the edges of the canvas and the metallic embellishments.
    For me, the finished canvas, though small, speaks volumes. It speaks of dawning light after darkness, of gentle rays of hope glittering, and I know why it wanted to be born, a manifest of freedom from somewhere inside me shouting out, and I smile.

    Products Used:

    Project by: Katja Joulak

    Life is a journeyLove the combination of Prussian Blue with brown and orange is a great color combination. Rusty matt look against the glossy Liquid Paint surface. 

    Xoxo Katja

    Products Used:

    1. Create a project with our colour scheme and 2 products from 4 listed at the beginning of this blog post2. If any products are not well visible on the project, please leave an information where to find them on your project in description on your blog3. Enter using Inlinkz below.

    Finnabair: January 2021 Art Recipe (tworzysko.blogspot.com)

    Challenge will be closed on February, 13th. Lucky winner will be announced by the end of February.We hope you feel inspired and we can’t wait to see your projects 🙂

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