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  • Hope in Every Shade of Pink

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    Jen Farooq

    As a company proudly owned by women, we recognize the significance of Pink October 🎀. This month, and always, we stand in solidarity with every warrior and survivor.

    Welcome to a gathering of our incredible design team, where unity is not only reflected in our creativity but also in our shared commitment to raising awareness for Breast Cancer. All week long, our talented design team have been showcasing pink-inspired projects to honor and raise awareness. We stand together in the empowering shades of pink, symbolizing hope, strength, and unity.

    Let’s proudly don PINK ribbons – not just as a fashion statement, but as a heartfelt tribute to the survivors who have triumphed over Breast Cancer, a solemn remembrance of those we have lost to this formidable adversary, and a symbol of our collective support for the ongoing progress we are achieving in the battle against breast cancer.

    In this unified effort, we recognize that prevention and treatment are our greatest allies. Early detection, a cornerstone in this fight, serves as one of our strongest weapon. Let’s embrace the responsibility to check, support, and remind one another about the importance of regular screenings and self-examinations. Through knowledge and vigilance, we empower ourselves and those around us.

    In solidarity, we affirm that together, we are stronger. Our combined efforts amplify the impact of our advocacy. By fostering a culture of awareness, empathy, and education, we contribute to the momentum that will ultimately lead us to a world where Breast Cancer is not just treatable but preventable.

    As we spread love, hope, strength, and awareness, we extend our gratitude for joining us in this meaningful endeavor. Together, let’s create ripples of change and make a lasting impact on the fight against Breast Cancer. 💖

    Project by Jennifer

    For this Pink Wings Of Hope day I made a big pink ribbon, symbol of Pink October, which I decorated with beautiful pink Prima flowers without forgetting to insert the pretty wings in the center! I love this pink floral ribbon with its wings of hope and I hope you do too!

    Products used: – 599409 Prima Moulds Wings – 964573 Finnabair Impasto Crimson – 963132 Finnabair Metallique Wild Fuchsia – 647315 Prima Decorative Chipboard Elegant Damask – 664558 Prima Flowers Postcards From Paradise – 659523 Prima Flowers Strawberry Milkshake – 652753 Prima Flowers Magic Love – 664510 Prima Flowers Postcards From Paradise – 651046 Prima Flowers With Love

    Project by Sanna

    I created this romantic layout by layering different frames, wings and lots of Prima Flowers. With this project I wanted to give a hope for those who need it now. You are enough! 💗

    With Love, Sanna

    Product list: – 996208 – With Love Collection – 12×12 Paper Pad – 969745 – Finnabair Stencil – Art Deco Wall – 968588 – Finnabair Moulds – Grungy Frames – 969363 – Finnabair Moulds – Baroque Frames – 969417 – Finnabair Moulds – Nocturnal Insects – 652975 – Prima Flowers – Nature Lover Collection – Forest Walk – 661014 – Prima Flowers – Candy Cane Lane Collection – Sugar Sweet – 665654 – Prima Flowers – French Blue Collection – Orchestral Melody

    Project by Tanya

    Product list:
    662226 Postcards from Paradise 12×12 Paper Pad 964566 Art Alchemy Impasto Paint Raspberry Pink 964511 Art Alchemy Impasto Paint Snow White 665463 Redesign Decor Mould Lucian 653484 Redesign Decor Transfer Delicate Roses

    Project by Veena

    As October dawns upon us, it’s a time to don pink ribbons and stand in solidarity for Breast Cancer Awareness.

    At Prima, we are uniting this week to support breast cancer survivors, remember those we’ve lost, and work towards a future where this disease no longer holds sway over our loved ones. 

    Products List: 655350998264 – Indigo Collection – 12 x 12 Paper Pad 655350659509 – Strawberry Milkshake Collection – Flower Embellishments – Sweet Strawberries 655350659523 – Strawberry Milkshake Collection – Flower Embellishments – Sweet Things 655350659561 – Strawberry Milkshake Collection – Flower Embellishments – Berry Sweet 655350995812 – Memory Hardware Glass Pearls – FANTASY

    Project by Kasia

    Pink is not my favorite color, but I must admit that this project was wonderful to create. Maybe it’s because the message of this is so important to every woman. Prima’s assortment includes plenty of pink paints, waxes and papers, just in time for the Pink October.

    966744 Metallique Wax – Indian Pink 968373 Metallique Wax – Burgundy 963958 Metallique Wax – Vintage Gold 964566 Impasto Paint – Raspberry Pink 966379 Impasto Paint – Boudoir Pink 665234 Lost In Wonderland Collection Mould – Letters From Wonderland 663605 Lost In Wonderland Collection Mould – Deck Of Cards 969356 Finnabair Moulds – Amun and Bast 967345 Liquid Acrylic Ink Black 967260 Liquid Acrylic Magenta

    Project by Adrienne

    💖 Strength 💖

    “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.” -Saint Francis de Sales

    💖 Strength takes heart. That’s why I chose to alter a wooden heart for my pink mixed media project for Pink Week. I chose more muted pink tones, using the Finnabair Dusty Rose Impasto Paint for the base and moulds.

    💖 I added plenty of pink flowers from several collections, including Strawberry Milkshake, Lost in Wonderland and French Blue. I also gathered some pink tulle and tucked it under one of the larger flowers for a soft, gentle touch.

    💖 Don’t forget that you can alter your Prima flowers with paint, pastes or gesso. I used White Gesso to add a shabby chic touch to the flowers and pull in more of the white from the Crackle Paste and Old White Wax.

    Product List: 💖 966386 Finnabair Art Alchemy Impasto Paint Dusty Rose 💖 967857 Finnabair Art Alchemy Matte Wax Old White 💖 961503 Finnabair Art Extravagance White Crackle Paste 💖 961442 Finnabair Art Basics Heavy White Gesso 💖 969530 Finnabair Moulds Ornate Frames 💖 665784 Lost in Wonderland Collection Midnight Beauty Flowers 💖 665661 French Blue Collection Perfect Emotion Flowers 💖 659561 Strawberry Milkshake Collection Berry Sweet Flowers

    Project by Mila

    This is my Canvas for October pink…. . The phrase says it all “Adventure is worthwhile” wanting to fight, to continue in this crazy adventure, beautiful, with its ups and downs that is LIFE. 

    You know that pink is not my color, in this special case I do it for all those women fighters I know and those I don’t… sending them more positive energies.

    Products used:  961442 Art basics – Heavy gesso white. 961381 Art basics – 3D gloss gel. 961459 Art basics – Heavy gesso black. 964122 Art alchemy – Sparks acrylic paint – Butterfly spells. 967734 Art Alchemy – Sparks – Enchanted. 967741 Art Alchemy – Sparks – Chest of gold. 966386 Art alchemy – Impasto – Dusty rose. 968304 Art alchemy – Liquid acrylic – Nude. 966645 – Finnabair stencil – Tapestry. 961503 – Art extravagance – Texture paste – white crackle. 596521 Paper pad “Midnight bloom” 995812 Memory hardware – Pearls  990398 Memory hardware – pearls. 658823 Prima flowers – Indigo.  665753 Prima flowers – Lost in wonderland.  643102 Moulds Forest flora.  969431 Finnabair moulds – pocket  963705 Art ingredients – Art stones.

    Project by Zhanna

    Pink Mixed media is a wonderful idea, because it is very rare to find mixmedia works in this color. Pink color in my opinion is a feminine color of tenderness, romance and love. I decided to make a canvas with a dreamy mood and with an ambre effect. I like this transition from a bright pink color to the lightest pink shade! Impasto paints helped me in creating this effect – 2 pink shades and white paint, mixing with which you can get additional intermediate shades. The use of Effect paste Phoenix and pink glitter added shine and fabulousness to the canvas! So I got a pink mixmedia canvas about dreams!

    964566 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Rasberry Pink 966379 Art Alchemy- Impasto Paint – Boudoir Pink 964511 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Snow White 968342 Art Extravagance – Phoenix Effect Paste 967727 Art Alchemy- Sparks Acrylic Paint – Phoenix Feather 964122 Art Alchemy – Sparks – Butterfly Spells 967734 Art Alchemy- Sparks Acrylic Paint – Enchanted 969752 Finnabair Stencil – Folk Florals 969103 Art Ingredients – Glitter Set – Spring 969110 Art Ingredients – Glitter Set – Summer

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