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  • It’s Time To Stamp!

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    Adrienne Garcelli

    Julie Nutting’s doll stamps are so versatile! How many ways can you think of for using her adorable doll stamps? Most people stamp on paper and cut the pieces out for a fun throwback project, or they stamp and color with markers or watercolors for a relaxing time! Today Jaya and DG have three special projects for you with Julie’s fun stamps and mini wood dolls!

    Stamped Banner by Jaya

    “I love this beautiful JN doll ‘Elena’ so much! I stamped her on a watercolor paper using black archival ink. I then colored her using Prima watercolors confections. I then fussy cut the image and used it as the focal on this banner. I used a lot of flowers, laces and chipboard to build a cluster around this stamped image.”

    Prima Supplies:

    JN 12X12 paper pad- Traveling girl- #912864, JN Doll stamp- Elena- #912987, Butterfly bliss collection chipboard- #913137, Prima flowers surfboard collection- Wave crest- #647179

    Wood Dolls Card by Jaya

    I created these cards using some beautiful Julie Nutting wood dolls and Prima Surfboard papers. I layered a few flowers and some Butterfly bliss chipboards and used these dolls to form my clusters. I kept these cards fairly simple to make the dolls the star of the project. Love these adorable little dolls so much! 

    Prima Products:

    Julie Nutting wood embellishments-  mini dolls- #911041 Butterfly bliss collection chipboard- #913137
    Prima Surfboard paper- Tropical vibes- #849481 Prima Surforad paper- Sun and fun- #849474 Prima Surfboard flowers- Wave crest- #647179 Prima Surfboard flowers- Surf Break- #647193 Prima Surfboard flowers- Big Waves- #647261

    Stamped Card by DG

    Today I’m sharing an older Julie Nutting Doll called “Shelly” on the New Surf Board Collection from Prima Marketing.

    Prima Products:

    https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/julie-nutting-stamp-dies-s-2/ , https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/surfoard-collection-silicone-mould/ , https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/prima-flowers-surfoard-collection-tropical-surf/ , https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/prima-flowers-surfoard-collection-wave-crest/ , https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/surfoard-collection-chipboard/ , https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/surfoard-collection-siic/
    https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/art-alchemy-acrylic-paint-opal-magic-rose-gold-1-7oz/ , https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/surfoard-collection-12×12-sheet-all-the-shells/ , https://www.primamarketinginc.com/product/surfoard-collection-a4-paper-pad/

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