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  • January 2022 Art Recipe

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    Jen Farooq

    We take just a brief break from showing off all the new collections to bring you Finnabair’s monthly art recipe!

    Hello friends,

    January is usually a snowy month, but we would like to focus in this month’s Art Recipe on beautiful colours of sunset, the city at night, a bit mysterious, but also cozy.

    Our new visual moodboard consists of:

    – 4 products to choose from – they are shown on the right

    – colour palette – right next to the products and each colour has their own circle

    – and visual inspiration in a form of several beautiful images.

    It is easy to remember – things in circles are the core of the challenge (colours and products) and things in squares/rectangles are only a visual inspiration to help you get creative juices flowing.

    Just to make sure, you are all well informed, we would like to let you know, that challenges will be going live each second Sunday of the month. So please do not be surprised, that Inlinkz is closed the day before. Please keep that in mind planning you are entering the challenge 🙂 because we love your projects so much and we do not want to lose any of them!

    The rules are very simple. Each challenge consists of a colour palette and products. You need to stick to the colour palette and use at least 2 of the products listed in a challenge.

    Products to choose from:

    Mica Powder

    Fantasy Texture Paste


    Liquid Acrylic

    The colours: coral, turquoise, navy blue

    If the products on your project are not easy to recognize, please add in description information, where exactly we can see them.
    Challenge is open till February, 12th. The winner will be invited to be Guest Designer on our blog.

    Inspiration from our team:

    Hello crafty friends! The Gorgeous January’s Moodboard inspired me to create a Boho style project. I find the Woodland Ferns the perfect elements to create hanging Feathers, I just love the way it looks.  

    The embroidery background was tinted with the Nude Liquid Acrylic paint, I have used Mica Powders to colour the Art Pebbles, chipboards and others, the Anemone and Coral set to paint resin leaves and Metal flowers and Gold Amber Metalique paint to colour the Metal Ferns and Leaf.

    Looking forward to seeing your creations this month!Xoxo

    Products I have used:

    963323 Art Ingredients – Melange – Art Pebbles 967154 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland Ferns 968540 Prima – Mechanicals – Rusty Monstera 965945 Prima – Mechanicals – Flowers 967376 Art Ingredients – Mica Powder Set – Oriental 967383 Art Ingredients – Mica Powder Set – Paradise 966041 Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Anemone and Coral 965167 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Gold Amber

    Hello! Today I would like to share this little Diorama I made inspired by this month’s Art Recipe!

    To create my composition I used a lot of different Finnabair Mechanicals, mainly little leftover bits from different packs, some gear moulds for the base as well as some little charms I saved from old Jewellery.

    I used Liquid Acrylics in Prussian blue to colour in my composition, then brushed on some Mica powders over it and the outside of the egg.

    I painted the outside of the egg with Fantasy Texture paints so the mica powder had a lot of places to stick in.

    I also used liquid acrylic paints in Nude and Coral on the backs of Clear Art Pebbles to add my little pops of colour, also of course inspired by the moldboard.
    Iveta x

    Products I have used:

    963910 Art Ingredients – Mica Powder Set (6 pcs) 961459 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black 961442 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White 967154 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland Ferns 967147 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Scrapyard Butterflies 965945 Prima – Mechanicals – Flowers 964399 Prima – Mechanicals – Vintage Snowflakes 960407 Prima – Mechanicals Flowers x10 968663 Prima – Finnabair Mould – Machine Parts 968274 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Coral
    968304 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Nude 968250 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Prussian Blue 963323 Art Ingredients – Melange – Art Pebbles 966010 Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Junkyard Treasures

    Hello, friends!
    This month’s mood board inspired me to create a space-themed canvas. I covered the base with Black Heavy Gesso. Then I mixed the 3D Gloss Gel with the Mica Powder of different colours. I applied the gel using stencils from Finnabair. Then I added mother-of-pearl spray, embossing powder, waxes and ink to the background.

    As a decoration, I used a chipboard, clay figurines and some Mechanicals. I made clay figurines using moulds from Finnabair. I covered the decor with Black Heavy Gesso and painted it with sprays and waxes.

    I put together a layered composition. I glued the decor using Heavy Body Gel. After the gel was dry, I added some Blue Rust Effect Paste to get a more grungy effect.

    At the very end, I added accents in the form of Glass Beads, Mica Flakes flakes and Glass Glitter. I pasted the accents with a Soft Gloss Gel. 

    Friends, I will be waiting for your work this month. I wish you all inspiration.

    Products I have used:

    964528 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Pitch Black 964504 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Coral Reef 966775 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Peacock 964313 Art Alchemy – Antique Brilliance – Red Amber 964306 Art Alchemy – Antique Brilliance – Fire Ruby 964009 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Brushed Iron 965204 Art Basics – Large Dabbing Brush
    961381 Art Basics – 3D Gloss Gel 961459 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black 961435 Art Basics – Soft Gloss Gel 966041 Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Anemone and Coral 967376 Art Ingredients – Mica Powder Set – Oriental
    967369 Art Ingredients – Mica Powder Set – Serenity 963927 Art Ingredients – Mica Flakes Set (6 pcs) 961695  Art Ingredients – Glass Beads – Zinc 967130 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Rusty Knobs 968663 Finnabair Mould – Machine Parts 968656 Finnabair Mould – Nocturnal Elements 966614 Finnabair Mould – Cogs and Wings 968984 Finnabair Stencil – Machinery 968977 Finnabair Stencil – Book of Numbers

    Amazing colour combination! Very inspiring. Prompted me to create a multi-format mix of media tags.

    Products I have used:

    967819 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Stormy Ocean 965167 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Gold Amber 964504 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Coral Reef 963170 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Emerald Green 963675 Art Alchemy – Opal Magic – Blue-Gold 963958 Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Vintage Gold 961435 Art Basics – Soft Gloss Gel 964917 Art Daily – Victorian Face Clips 966034 Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Old Walls 968861 Art Ingredients – Metallic Flakes – Steampunk 966294 Art Ingredients – Melange – Vintage Art Pebbles 963927 Art Ingredients – Mica Flakes Set (6 pcs)
    962784 Art Ingredients – Mica Powder – Tangerine

    1. Create a project with our colour scheme and 2 products from 4 listed at the beginning of this blog post
    2. If any products are not well visible on the project, please leave the information on where to find them on your project in the description on your blog
    3. Enter using Inlinkz below.
    Finnabair January 2022 Art Recipe (Scroll to the bottom)
    Challenge will be closed on February, 12th. The lucky winner will be announced by the end of February.
    We hope you feel inspired and we can’t wait to see your projects 🙂