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  • June Art Recipe

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    Jen Farooq

    Hello friends,

    It’s June and we are here today with load of inspiration from our Guest Designer and our talented Team Members.

    The moodboard and all details of our Art Recipe are available below. 

    Our new visual moodboards consists of:

    – 4 products to choose from – they are shown on the right

    – colour palette – right next to the products and each colour has their own circle

    – and visual inspiration in a form of several beautiful images.

    It is easy to remember – things in circles are the core of the challenge (colours and products) and things in squares/rectangles are only a visual inspiration to help you get creative juices flowing.

    Just to make sure, you are all well informed, we would like to let you know, that challenges will be going live each second Sunday of the month. So please do not be surprised, that Inlinkz is closed the day before. Please keep that in mind planning your entering the challenge 🙂 because we love your projects so much and we do not want to lose any of them!

    The rules are very simple. Each challenge consists of colour palette and products. You need to stick to the colour palette and use at least 2 of the products listed in a challenge.

    Products to choose from:

    Metallic Flakes

    Jewel Paste


    Art Alchemy Metallique

    The colours: dusty blue, aged golden, muted orange

    If the products on your project are not easy to recognize, please add in description information, where exactly we can see them.

    Challenge is open till July, 10th. The winner will be invited to be Guest Designer on our blog.

    This month Guest Designer is Kasyopeaart


    Hello creative friends! 

    I am honored to be here with my project for the June Art Recipe Challenge.

    I used a large wooden box for my project. I glued tape to it to create an interesting texture, and then mixed several Impasto colors to create a dirty blue color.

    I covered the castings of the wings, the frame and the female head with Impasto paint and then glued gold flakes. 

    I put paste Icing on the box, I also used stencils to reflect the patterns.

    I made compositions of casts and metals. I painted the background with metallic paints. I added matte and metallic waxes. Finally, I added Art Pebbles and splashed it all with gold paint.

    I hope I inspired you to create a project for this challenge. 

    Best regards.
    Katarzyna Charlak. 

    Products I have used:

    Inspiration from our team:

    Hello crafty friends!This Month we have a gorgeous & subtle Moodboard which inspired me to create a set of Steampunk Fishes.

    I just love making these tiny treasures. They are featured on top of Acrylic ATC Tags, having tissue paper on and colored with Liquid Acrylic paints. The set is created with resin elements (made out of Finnabair’s moulds), mechanicals, chipboards and more. See below the supplies list.

    Products I have used:

    968625 Finnabair Mould – Wings and Bones 968601 Finnabair Mould – Rusty Pipeline 968786 Art Extravagance – Jewel Effect Paste – Blue Opals 968779 Art Extravagance – Jewel Effect Paste – Crushed Amber 968755 Art Extravagance – Jewel Effect Paste – Golden Dust 965167 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Gold Amber 963057 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Ancient Coin 963118 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Deep Waters 963453 Mechanicals – Steampunk Gears 960261 Mechanicals Numbers 968922 Decorative Chipboard – Steampunk Blooms 967246 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Tiger Orange 967291 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Ultramarine 967345 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Ink Black

    Hey everyone, Anastasia is here with mini canvas “Mystical world of garden flowers”.Some details from our beautiful moodboard inspired me to create unusual flowers with eyes. I’ve draw circles on watercolor paper and painted ones with Ink Black liquid acrylic paint, Manor Blue impasto paint and Dragon Eye metallique acrylic paint. I’ve cut them and fixed at different wire heights.

    I’ve used Manor Blue as the background color with a little Pitch Black. The pattern in the background was made using Rose Quartz Jewel paste and Iris Tapestry stencil. To make the paste more suitable in color, I’ve added a little Tiger Orange acrylic paint and got beautiful result.

    Hugs, Anastasia(aka Nastyalena)
    Products I have used:

    968762 Art Extravagance – Jewel Effect Paste – Rose Quartz 967789 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Spring Blossom
    967345 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Ink Black 967246 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Tiger Orange 966430 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Manor Blue 963057 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Ancient Coin 963200 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Vintage Rose 966645 Finnabair Stencil – Iris Tapestry 960391 Mechanicals – Bottle Caps 968625 Finnabair Mould – Wings and Bones

    For this Art Recepie I have worked fine texture on a putty shovel.  I have gesso, metallic paint, metallic flakes and also Jewel Paste. Also added some metallics.

    Now, we are waiting to watch your take on the Art Recipe.

    Xoxo Katja
    Products I have used:

    963446 Mechanicals – Steampunk Blades 963354 Mechanicals – Mini Stars 963361 Mechanicals – Tin Hearts 960391 Mechanicals – Bottle Caps 968786 Art Extravagance – Jewel Effect Paste – Blue Opals 963323 Art Ingredients – Melange – Art Pebbles 968250 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Prussian Blue 961381 Art Basics – 3D Gloss Gel 968809 Art Extravagance – Gilding Glue 968830 Art Ingredients – Metallic Flakes – Copper

    I had started this canvas months and months ago, when I had wanted to give my subconscious a voice to be heard. I mean, sometimes it is quite nice to start a project without having a single thought in your head. Just let your hands pick up materials and have a go. This canvas was the result of those mindful, quiet moments of creativity.

    I had an empty 30x30cm canvas I picked as the base and started to glue wrinkled cardboard (from a cardboard package) and Moda Tissue Paper randomly on it, using Soft Matte Gel, primed the whole thing with white Heavy Gesso, and added some ornamental dimension in form of Iris Tapestry stencil and Icing Paste White Gold, with a slab of White Sand Texture Paste here and there. And on a whim, added a layer of Impasto Snow White on top of everything, to get a simple background where a hint of golden glimmer shined through.

    Only then I started to think what to do with the canvas, and simply dived into my endless supply source of driftwood and seashells; our family has (or had, it’s covid time with no travelling right now) a habit to drag at least one luggage full of seashells, sea glass, and driftwood from our travels, so there is way, way more of those than I could ever use, which means, I always use them as part of my embellishments. So, I attached the ones appealing to me right there and then, with Heavy Body Gel, one by one, together with a happy mixture of a broken gear (I had used the large Gear mould with air dry clay, and dropped and broke the largest gear, but it fitted in perfectly here), vintage clock hands, and Finnabair mechanical embellishments with some Melange Art Pebbles.

    Then I painted most over with Heavy Gesso and added a mixture of gesso with Mini and Mega Art Stones here and there, to add more dimension. I still had no idea for the colouring but thought I’d start with Liquid Acrylics, my all-time favourites, thinking about a misty morning in an otherwise empty beach with no sound but those of gentle waves and of seagulls calling, and our family leaving foorprints in the low tide sand, breathing fresh air and memories on the making. With a mist sprayer in one and a brush in the other hand, I started applying colour into the canvas. Only a little, painting a distant echo of that misty morning of my dreams. I used Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, Ink Black, and Prussian Blue. At that point I wasn’t satisfied with the look, and thought I’d continue later.

    And later it was, by some months, as I simply forgot the whole canvas… I digged it up for this Art Recipe, immediately realizing what was missing: some Gold Metallic Flakes and Light Patina Metallique acrylic paint. And indeed, it did not need anything else, but a softest touch of gold flakes resembling rising sun, and Light Patina blue – which I added only a little here and there, spraying a lot of water to make it blending into the canvas like morning mist gently rolling in the horizon. And the canvas will always remind me of that magical morning in a faraway beach, of the echo of seagulls, of five pair of footsteps in sand and of a happy, contented heart.

    Products I have used:

    961442 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White 963040 Art Basics – Heavy Body Gel 961428 Art Basics – Soft Matte Gel
    967192 Finnabair Tissue Paper – Moda 966171 Art Extravagance – Icing Paste – White Gold 966645 Finnabair Stencil – Iris Tapestry 963712 Art Ingredients – Mini Art Stones 964672 Art Ingredients – Mega Art Stones 968939 Finnabair Mould – Large Gears 963002 Art Extravagance – Texture Paste – White Sand – tube 968755 Art Extravagance – Jewel Effect Paste – Golden Dust 968809 Art Extravagance – Gilding Glue 968816 Art Ingredients – Metallic Flakes – Gold
    964511 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Snow White 967345 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Ink Black 968250 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Prussian Blue 967222 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Burnt Sienna 967352 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Titanium White 963248 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Light Patina 963057 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Ancient Coin
    968496 Mechanicals – Metal Blooms 967154 Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland Ferns 963323 Art Ingredients – Melange – Art Pebbles 963439 Mechanicals – Rustic Gears

    Hello my friends!Today I want to share this canvas board I created inspired by June Art Recipe Mood Board!I have to say, I really enjoyed creating this simple layout, the inspiration for it came as soon as I saw the images on the Art Recipe card.

    I drew a lot of inspiration from the colours of the images, moody greys and blues, I finally got to use that Prussian Blue liquid acrylic, yay!

    Even tho the mood board did not have any images of the sea, that was all I could think about. Stormy, very moody sea, so I guess I may have strayed away from the general theme a little, but what you gonna do? When inspiration comes, you don’t question it, you just take it and run with it.

    Hope you will be just as inspired by this beautiful mood board as I was and will create something amazing!

    Lots of love,
    Iveta xxx

    Products I have used:

    961497 Art Extravagance – Texture Paste – Graphite 962951 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White – tube 960636 Elementals – 12×12 White Resist Canvas “Stripes” 961381 Art Basics – 3D Gloss Gel 968250 Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Prussian Blue 963712 Art Ingredients – Mini Art Stones 968489 Mechanicals – Desert Flowers 961664 Art Ingredients – Glass Glitter – Platinum 964832 Art Daily – Vintage Photobooth 961459 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black 961619 Art Ingredients – Glitter Set – Abloom 963057 Art Alchemy – Metallique – Ancient Coin

    1.  Create a project with our colour scheme and 2 products from 4 listed at the beginning of this blog post
    2. If any products are not well visible on the project, please leave an information where to find them on your project in description on your blog
    3. Enter using Inlinkz below.

    Finnabair June 2021 Art Recipe (Scroll to the bottom)

    Challenge will be closed on July, 10th. Lucky winner will be announced by the end of July.We hope you feel inspired and we can’t wait to see your projects 🙂

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