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    “Moikka! It’s Riikka here to share a journal project with you. My goal with this project was to play with inks, stamps, and the 3×4 pad, just to show that you don’t always need a bunch of embellishments and large sheets of paper to make a layered project. “

    “When I’m asked my crafting basics, I usually incorporate at least one ink in the list. If you have an ink pad and some stamps, you have access to a great multitude of creative possibilities. You can create backgrounds, embellishments, patterned paper, and write titles and text. I highly recommend building up a stash of supplies you can use over and over again – like stamps and stencils.”

    “I started with just the ink pad and the stamps, but, in the end, I felt like adding some other touches too. I took a photo of the project with just the stamped details, nothing more added. While the gesso splashes add light and the metal Mechanical piecess bring contrast to the piece, it was looking just OK with the stamped embellishments. A few doodles with a dark pencil might have done the same effect as the Mechanicals, without the dimensional part, of course.”

    “So, it’s not always about having a multitude of embellishments, but more like going around creating them yourself! Hopefully I inspired you! Have a great day stamping!” Xoxo Riikka

    Tip 1

    Layers, layers, layers! Repeating the same element can be highly effective. In this journal page I created a rose bush out of single roses, just adding a bunch of them on top of each other in an angle. Also varying the color of the flowers gives a nice touch, creating an illusion of light and shadow.

    Tip 2

    Know your inks. Ideally you need two types of inks –

    • Dye inks for creating backgrounds with a watercolor effect. (Art Philosophy white lids)
    • Permanent inks that won’t bleed when you color the stamped images with watercolors. (Art Philosophy black lids)
    • So, you need inks that react with water (dye), and inks that are permanent. If you are just starting your creative journey, I’d go for the permanent ink and actual watercolors, because then you can make backgrounds and color.
    Color Philosophy Dye Inks – activate colors with water. (White lids)
    Color Philosophy Permanent Inks- will not activate when wet. (Black lids)

    Tip 3

    If you are going for a vintage look, old book pages might be an obvious solution. But try kraft colored cardstock as well! The neutral, warm tone fits the palette and the solid color might just add the desired contrast to the piece. It’s also perfect for stamping some embellishments!


    Video link: https://youtu.be/dzh3QUy6B7o

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    Riikka is such an in-depth, knowledgeable teacher! I learn something new every time I watch her create…so look for her on Prima’s Facebook Live, coming up in a week! And check out our Youtube channel below for LOADS of informative, fun, and creative videos!

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