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  • Let’s Get Back to Basics: Gel

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    Jen Farooq

    Last month, we delved into the world of Finnabair’s Art Basics Gesso, the essential cornerstone of almost any mixed media masterpiece. If you missed it, catch up on all things gesso here. Today, let’s shift our focus to another indispensable product from Finnabair’s arsenal: Art Basic Gel, tailor-made for Prima.

    You’ve likely heard of hair gel if you’ve ever dabbled in styling your locks, but what exactly is gel in the realm of mixed media? It’s a transparent, adaptable acrylic medium with a multitude of functions. From serving as an adhesive for lightweight materials to acting as a varnish and facilitating transfer effects, gel plays a versatile role. At its core, gels often serve as a glue or a base for pigments.

    Prima offers three main types of gel, each with its own distinctive properties. But how do you determine which type is the perfect fit for your next project?

    First up, Heavy Body Gel is ideal for enhancing paint by thickening its consistency without diluting the pigmentation. This facilitates the creation of dimension or texture with ease. Its thicker consistency allows for the formation of high peaks, achievable with a palette knife or texture tools. Additionally, Heavy Body Gel doubles as an adhesive for collages.

    Art Basics: Super Heavy Gel 250ml

    Next, we have Soft Gel, available in Matte or Gloss finishes. Similar to Heavy Body Gel, it can be mixed with paints and pigments to achieve a thicker consistency, yet it remains light enough to be applied with a paintbrush. Beyond paint, experiment with adding ink, glitter, mica powder, and more to create your own custom paint colors. Soft Gels excel as adhesives for collages and also serve admirably as varnishes. Upon drying, they leave behind a non-sticky Matte or Glossy surface. Notably, Soft Gels exhibit a resist effect once dry on certain mediums such as watercolors, sprays, and inks. Embrace the spirit of artistic exploration and try your hand at various mediums to witness the magic unfold!

    Last but certainly not least, we have 3D Gels, also available in Matte or Glossy finishes. This is your go-to option when seeking dimension in your project. Apply it over a stencil with a palette knife to achieve distinct raised designs. Like other gel variants, you can infuse color using paints, mica powder, and more without compromising vibrancy. Noteworthy is 3D gel’s exceptional adhesive strength, providing enduring hold for your creations.

    There are so many more unique ways that gels, and we’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities. Do you have a favorite technique?

    Project by Lanette

    Today it’s all about Finnabairs Gel Medium and all the wonderful ways that you can use it. While you might be tempted to think it’s just an adhesive, it’s not! It truly is an extremely versatile product that you can use to add texture either through a stencil or alone. You can even mix  other products  such as paint or mica powder for different effects. 

    For my “Gel Focused Project” I wanted to use Gel multiple ways, using  both 3D Gloss Gel & Soft Gloss Gel. I started by creating my background using a mix of 3D Gel and a bit of Mica Powder through  Finn’s New Manor House Stencil. Next I used 3D gel to adhere all my flowers and resin bits. Finally I used Soft Gloss Gel for all of my finishing touches, adding Glitter, Beads and Art Stones. 

    I am really happy with how this altered Heart came together, I hope you like it too! 

    961435  Art Basics – Soft Gloss Gel 96181  Art Basics – 3D Gloss Gel 969158  Art Ingredients – Mica Powder Set – Pearls and Crystals 969899  Finnabair Stencils – Manor House 664589 Postcards from Paradise Collection Flowers – Soft Breeze 658670 Peach Tea Collection Flowers – Mint Julep 999339 Love Notes Collection 12×12 Paper Pad

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