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    Little Evey

    Hello, dear friends!

    My name is Alyona (aka Little Evey) and today I am absolutely happy because I have the opportunity to show my projects, made for Prima Marketing, right on the blog!

    I was born, and grew up in, one of the greenest cities in Russia – Tomsk (Siberia). In addition, there are a lot of green trees in the city, in winter it is very cold here (up to -52 degrees Celsius) :). Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I decided to move to Moscow. I fell in love with this city from the first day, as soon as I stayed here longer than two or three hours. Besides the fact that Moscow is the capital of Russia, now with confidence, I can say that Moscow is also the capital of parks and green recreation areas because there are a lot of them here. I chose one of the many favorite photos that I would like to show. This is a view of the city from one of the observation decks. 

    First Card

    My journey in scrapbooking began with the creation of a card. It was completely simple and straightforward. By the way, I still have a photo and I decided to share it with you :). This card was made from the Prima Marketing collection, released in 2010, the sheets from which were presented to me by a friend. Almost four years have passed since then and I am still faithful to my favorite brand.

    Shaped Cards

    I want to show you some of the latest projects made especially for Prima’s blog, as well as those that I did for DT Call last year.
    These cards are unusual forms (in the form of ice cream and a house). I wanted to make summer cards special so that they would be remembered by those who were given as gifts. I like to design different projects, to create an interesting form, because it makes the usual things special.

    Masculine Tags

    In addition to the delicate colors that can often be seen in my projects, I really like working with dark, contrasting shades. As an example, I want to show men’s tags!

    Floral Bureau

    And this bureau is one of my favorite projects of all time. It is a musical, and you can see how it glows.

    Midnight Garden Book

    And now I really want to show you my new works, which were made especially for the blog. The first is an album from the stunning collection ‘Midnight Garden’. The album has six decorated pages and eight more for self-sticking of photos. I was conquered from the first minutes, as soon as I received the coveted collection. Stunning details, rich, dark colors, a variety of prints – all this allows you to create very special, multi-faceted works.

    Prima Products: Item #636050, Item #636043, Item #637835, Item #636067, Item #637903

    Link to the video: https://youtu.be/S7V-x_w-xA4

    Home Frame

    The second project is a family photo frame for three photos, made from the incredible collection ‘Spring Farmhouse’, which completely captivated me with its tenderness and sincerity. 
    The paper from this collection is also amazing because you can cut a lot of elements that are easy to use in each project. I even used this collection when creating wedding envelopes! 

    Prima Products: Item #994853, Item #637958, Item #994938, Item #994945, Item #994914 Item #638047

    Link to the video: https://youtu.be/D0O-1g3raE4

    Thank You!

    Alyona, your work is BEAUTIFUL and we are all incredibly grateful that you shared so much of your time and talent with us today! Thank you for making our Prima products come to life in your own gorgeous style!

    If you want to see more of Little Evey’s work (and who wouldn’t?) please check out her Youtube and Instagram links below:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/little__evey/

    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/takoeuzheest

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    Comments (6)

    • There are true pieces of Art you show! Thank you for inspiration! Alyona, I am looking forward to see your new projects!

    • You are our Sunny Inspiration))) Love your projects so much)

    • Alyona, your projects is a simply magical!

    • Alyona, your projects are just awesome!

    • Alyona
      Felicidades su proyecto es muy bello y especial para Prima
      Marketinginc.com , y para todas las personas que lo vemos,
      Dulce y delicado, como el color que usa, el melón casi tono de piel o durazno.
      Sus diseños que uso, para colocar sus productos, luego añade
      Cada cajón, para todos las creaciones de Prima, ud las lleno de
      Blondas y encajes, como es el concepto de Prima.
      Felicidades muy bien logrado y pensado.
      Muy fino y elegante.
      Para productos finos y elegantes , creaciones de la misma dimensión.
      La elegancia y el color durazno o piel, le dieron más estrellas a su trabajo.
      Un proyecto bello, digno de verlo, felicidades!!
      Le deseo con todo el corazón, el mayor de los éxitos en su carrera artística.
      Patricia Casal Bowles
      Patricia Krea

    • Alena’s artworks are highly inspiring, everytime I see her projects with Prima Marketing paper, I want to have this collection at once. I would like to see Alena as part of PM design team. Her works would attract more customers, to my mind.

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