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    1. Apply gel to wood board, then spray backs of papers with spray adhesive then stick to your board and trim off excess.
    2. Create appliques using glue gun and hot glue, then set aside to set up.
    3. Cut a strip of Stick and Style Stencil roll, stick onto surface, then apply Art Alchemy paint with sponge dabber over design.  Remove stencil to reveal design.
    4. Using Paver Stencil, apply light layer of spray adhesive on back of stencil, place onto board and apply Icing Paste with Spread Pal. Dry with heat gun carefully if needed.
    5. Apply appliques from moulds using glue gun, layer if desired.
    6. Cut out Designs from Décor Transfers® and apply to your board using a Transfer Tool.
    7. Paint mould appliques using Gold Rush paint.

    Other Materials Used: Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, Spray Adhesive, Foam Pouncer, Chip Brush, 2 x 2 Wood Board.

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