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  • Mixed Media Magic with Finnabair Moulds

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    Jen Farooq

    Finnabair’s style is the perfect blend of vintage, grunge, and romantic elements and that style is evident in all her mounds, making her moulds the perfect tools for mixed media artists and crafters looking to add texture, dimension, and intricate details to their creations. Moulds are easy to use and so versatile. They can be used with a wide range of mediums, including air-dry clay, polymer clay, resin, plaster, and even mixed media pastes. This versatility opens up endless opportunities for artists to incorporate the moulded elements into various projects, such as altered art, journaling, home decor, and of course mixed media!

    Grab your brushes and gather your supplies and let’s create something magical with Finnabair’s new moulds!


    “Hello dear friends! Today is all about Finnabair Moulds on the Prima blog. I created this little Mixed Media Box from an old Prima flower box set.

    I added some grunge texture on the board with the Theater Night stencil and light paste and then painted it with white gesso. Next, I added some colour with liquid acrylic paints and highlighted the raised areas with matte and metallique waxes. I added these pieces to the box.

    I created some castings from the moulds and layered them. I prepped this piece with white gesso and painted it with metallique paints and liquid acrylics. I glued this on the inside of the box.

    I created a little door with the ‘Window to the Soul’ mould.

    I glued two of the apothecary bottles together whilst they were still wet creating a 3d dimensional bottle. I did the same for the light bulbs and added a ball chain in between the pieces so that they can hang.”

    Product list:
    969486 Imaginarium Moulds Apothecary Bottles 969578 Imaginarium Moulds Vintage Light Bulbs 969493 Imaginarium Moulds Clockwork Sparrows 969776 Stencil Theater Night 967253 Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paint Carmine


    “The latest batch of new products from Finnabair is amazing! We have so many great patterns of stencils and moulds that it’s hard to decide what to use. In my project, you will find castings from several moulds, especially wonderful light bulbs and frames, and a lot of tiny elements. In the background, you can see a stencil – Art Deco Wall. Of course, all these things wouldn’t come to life without paints and waxes that bring out all the details wonderfully. Here I used my favorite liquid acrylics, which combine perfectly with the addition of water and fill all the nooks and crannies of the castings.”


    969745 Finnabair Stencil – Art Deco Wall 969578 Finnabair Moulds – Vintage Light Bulbs 969530 Finnabair Moulds – Ornate Frames 969523 Finnabair Moulds – Mirror Frames 967284 Liquid Acrylic Violet 968281 Liquid Acrylics – Ochre 967239 Liquid Acrylic True Yellow 967345 Liquid Acrylic Ink Black


    “Here is a canvas highlighting Finnabair’s new moulds. I was inspired by the Flocking Bird moulds and luckily found a photo in my stash that was perfect for my project. I used various Finnabair moulds in my project which were colored with black gesso and then highlighted with old silver wax.

    For the texture on the canvas, I used white crackle paste and applied black gesso through theatre night stencil once dried. Happy crafting!”



    “Finnabair’s new Moulds are absolutely amazing! And they are so versatile, as always. They are perfect for dark and light projects. I created my soft pink canvas using the Flocking Bird, Vintage Light Bulbs, Ornate Frames and Mirror Frames moulds. Hope you like it!”

    Product list:
    – 969745 – Finnabair Stencil – Art Deco Wall – 969516 – Finnabair Moulds – Flocking Birds – 969578 – Finnabair Moulds – Vintage Light Bulbs – 969530 – Finnabair Moulds – Ornate Frames – 969523 – Finnabair Moulds – Mirror Frames – 963613 – Opal Magic Acrylic Paint – Aqua-Rose – 963200 – Metallique Acrylic Paint – Vintage Rose – 966782 – Metallique Wax – Sweet Rose – 963996 – Metallique Wax – Old Silver – 967857 – Matte Wax – Old White – 850531 – Postcards From Paradise Collection – 12×12 Paper Sheet – Escape Somewhere Tropical – 659509 – Prima Flowers – Strawberry Milkshake Collection – Sweet Strawberries – 664510 – Prima Flowers – Postcards From Paradise Collection – May Flowers – 664503 – Prima Flowers – Avec Amour Collection – Blushing


    “This is my box of potions, which can be carried in hand luggage 😉 Each bottle contains a magic potion… joy, patience, vitality, faith, hope, love… What are necessary for day to day.

    I used Finn’s new moulds, paints, wax, to make this project. I like the old leather effect that I achieved on the outer part of the box.”

    961442 Art basics – Heavy gesso white. 961381 Art basics – 3D gloss gel. 964511 Art alchemy – Impasto paint Snow white. 964658 Art alchemy – Impasto dark chocolate. 967741  Art alchemy – acrylic paint – Chest of gold. 969752 Stencil – Folk florals  969561 Finnabair moulds – Vintage ladies. 969523 Finnabair moulds – Mirror frames. 969431 Finnabair moulds – Pocket. 990398 Memory hardware pearls. 963705 Art ingredients – Art stone. 664589  Prima flowers.

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