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  • Mixed-Media Masterpieces with Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics

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    Jen Farooq

    Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics are a part of the Art Alchemy line of products by Finnabair, and are a type of acrylic paint formulated with mixed media artist in mind. Liquid Acrylics are highly pigmented, fluid acrylic paints that come in liquid form. They are designed to have a smooth consistency, allowing artists to create flowing, vibrant, and even translucent effects depending on how much water or clear medium is added. These acrylics are available in a wide range of colors, including metallics and opalescent shades, which add an extra dimension of shine and luster to your work. They can be applied to various surfaces such as canvas, wood, paper, metal, and more. The pigments used in these acrylics are lightfast, meaning they are resistant to fading over time. With how pigmented Liquid Acrylics are, a little goes a long way.

    I think Liquid Acrlicts is one of my favorite kinds of medium. They are so vibrant and colorful that the possibilities of what you can create with them is endless! Check out the beautiful projects created by Kasia, Veena, and Mila using Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics and Finnabair moulds!

    “Liquid acrylic paints are one of my favorite paints. I love them for everything – intense colors, efficiency, durability, and permanence. They can behave like watercolors, but their advantage is that they are waterproof after drying. You have to act fast if you want a watercolor effect, but it’s worth it. I use these paints very often in my rich media projects. That’s why today I wanted to show you something more delicate. The backgrounds in my tags are made with liquid acrylics. After using water, the colors blend well with each other, and after drying, you can paint or ink the surface, nothing bad will happen to it. You can also try splashing white paint and it will also stay white. For me it is the perfect product!” -Kasia

    967307 Liquid Acrylic Deep Turquoise 967222 Liquid Acrylic Paint – Burnt Sienna 967239 Liquid Acrylic True Yellow 968281 Liquid Acrylics – Ochre 967352 Liquid Acrylic Titanium White 966751 Metallique Wax – Mint Sparkle 963996 Metallique Wax-Old Silver 969493 Finnabair Moulds – Clockwork Sparrows

    “Today at Prima, we are sharing projects with Fluid acrylics. I love working with fluid acrylics as they are so easy to work with. You can use them directly, spray water to help the color flow or add them to water in a spray bottle to use them as spray colors.

    I have used a variety of Finnabair products in the project to build the composition including moulds, mechanicals and mélange. I used fluid acrylics in burnt sienna and avocado shades to color it, used water to blend the colors and to help them flow.

    Then I highlighted all the embellishments using white pearl metallique wax.” -Veena

    Products Used: 967321 – Art Alchemy-Liquid Acrylic Avocado Green 967222 – Art Alchemy-Liquid Acrylic Paint – Burnt Sienna 967345 – Art Alchemy-Liquid Acrylic Ink Black 968588 – Finnabair – Moulds – Grungy Frames 963323 – Art Ingredients- Mélange Art Pebbles 968540 – Mechanicals – Rusty Monstera 968526 – Mechanicals – Scrapyard Dragonflies 968489 – Mechanicals – Desert Flowers 968380 – Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – White Pearl

    “I love the concentration of pigment it has, so working with it by diluting it with water is incredible. The variety of colors, with them you have all the color palettes you want. The ease of handling it on any already sealed surface. Finally, although it may not seem important, if it is, your dispenser is ideal to work with and the acrylic is kept in optimal conditions.” -Mila

     Products Used: 969776 Finnabair stencil – Theater night. 969509 Moulds – Fashion icons 969523 Moulds – Mirror frames. 969530 Moulds – Ornate frames. 968281 Art alchemy – Liquid acrylic – Ochre. 967338 Art alchemy – Liquid acrylic- Umber. 965365 Art basics – Dabbing brush set.

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