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  • Moulded to Perfection!

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    Jen Farooq

    Moulds make the best art supply investment. Buy them once and you can make your favorite castings again and again. If you are looking to decorate a cake, make pretty little confections, or simply want to make edible art then you’ll be happy to know that Prima moulds are made out of high-quality food-safe silicone. Just remember to keep your cooking moulds separate from your crafting moulds!

    Finnabair creates some of my favorite designs with elements of steampunk and grunge. They are perfect for creating something a little edgier or dark. But if gunge is not your style, then using the right colors, you can turn these moulds into something utterly romantic and dreamy.

    Iwona took a walk on the dark side and created a work of art featuring skulls. It is dark and moody and utterly breathtaking. The dark purples and greens give it a heavy feel without being too overpowering. This mixed media piece features Amun and Bast, Pieces of Underworld, Wings and Bones, Gungy Frames, and Steampunk Hearts.

    Kasia created this gourgous work of mixed media by layering a number of different moulds including Baroque Frames, Mecha Moth, Love Machine, Pocket Watches, and Pieces of the Underworld. It is amazing how she is able to blend such different desings into one seamless piece!

    Stacey‘s creations typically have a more romantic and airy feel. Something that is quite different from the darker heavier feel of Finnabair’s artwork. And yet using flowers from the Peach Tea collection paired with Baroque Frames and Rusty Pipeline moulds created this dreamy work of art.

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