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  • Moulds + Wax= MAGIC

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    Jen Farooq

    Get ready to unleash your creativity with a magical duo: Finnabair moulds and Art Alchemy Wax! These two fantastic elements come together in a symphony of artistic brilliance. The intricate details of Finnabair’s moulds come to life when you add just a touch of Art Alchemy Wax. Apply with a brush for an even all over coverage or use your finger to highlight a few choice details. Layer different colors of wax to create an iridescent effect or add on top of paint to give the mould even more dimension. It’s a match made in artistic heaven, where your imagination knows no bounds. The versatility of wax on moulds is astounding and our team has create a number of projects to show off just a few of the ways Finnabair moulds and and Art Alchamy waxes can transform your next project.


    “Look at how cute and regal this rabbit is. 😍 He comes from a small portion of the new Redesign with Prima® Decoupage Fiber Paper in Fancy Friends. I also used the new Redesign with Prima® Decor Mould in Lucian. I flipped the frame upside down so the decorative element from the top would act as a handle for the lid of this box. I was able to create this copper penny texture with a bunch of Finnabair’s items like her amazing wax!! See below for list!”

    Finnabair Sparks Acrylic Paint - Chest of Gold

    -#665401 Redesign with Prima® A1 Decoupage Fiber Paper- Fancy Friends -# 665463 https://retail.redesignwithprima.com/product/decor-moulds-lucian-1-pc-5x8x8mm/ -#961534 Finnabair Texture Paste in Copper Crackle -#967741 Finnabair Sparks Acrylic Paint in Chest of Gold -#961459 Finnabair Heavy Gesso Black -#963989 Finnabair Metallique wax in Rich Copper


    “Who doesn’t like to have everything in order, from their work materials to the smallest things on their bureau. As soon as I saw the Magnolia rouge collection, I had in mind to upcycle a drawer to put my wax crayons for the wax seals. 

     Finn monthly product are the metallique wax, these are great to enhance any project, they come in a wide range of colors, you can give shine, light, paint with them, or just give a different touch to the reliefs made by the pastes with stencils, to the ceramic and/or resin pieces, to the papers to give some kind of effect… leather, bronze, copper, etc, etc. I encourage you to try them in different ways and give free rein to your creativity.”

    -# 658205 12×12 Paper pad – Magnolia rouge. -# 964658 Art alchemy – Impasto dark chocolate. -# 964528 Art alchemy – Impasto pitch black. -# 966423 Art alchemy – Impasto Victorian green. -# 964559 Art alchemy – Impasto Poppy red. -# 967338 Art alchemy – Liquid acrylic Umber. -# 963958 Art alchemy – wax vintage gold  -# 968373 Art alchemy – wax Burgundy. -# 969059 Art alchemy – Antiquing wax clear. -# 969561 Finnabair moulds – Vintage Ladies. -# 647476 Redesign With Prima decor moulds – Aviary. -# 643102 Redesign decor moulds – Forest flora.


    “I  gave a new life to this old and abandoned typewriter using Finnabair and Redesign With Prima moulds products!!! I love incorporating moulds  into my projects, there is always the right one for every project, they are so versatile and easy to work with. There is always a beautiful result with them!! Add just some waxes on top of them and VOILA!” 

    -#663889  H2O Transfers® Wild Garden -#663469 Decor Mold Magnolia Bloom -#96652 Finnabair Manuscript Decor Stencil -#969011 Jewel Paste Tiger’s eye stones -#963965 Metallic Wax Aged Brass

    “I love working with finnabair moulds and waxes, with the “pieces of underworld” mold you can get a result in the purest steampunk style. I felt the metallic copper flakes really stand out against the base of metallic wax brushed iron and old silver. As a suggestion, heavy black cast is absolutely essential. My undying love for molds, they never cease to amaze me!! 

    -#969424 Finnabair Moulds – Pieces of Underworld -#963996 Art Alchemy – Old Silver Metallique wax -#963958 Art Alchemy – Vintage Gold  Metallique wax   -#963965 Art Alchemy -Aged Brass Metallique


    Have you had the chance to experience the brilliance of Finnabair waxes? These cute little tubes are packed with gorgeous metallic shine that effortlessly add elegance into any project! I made this mixed media canvas using Finn’s metallique waxes Peacock and Vintage Gold along with Clockwork Sparrow and Mirror Frames moulds. The backdrop is a generous layer of White Crackle Paste which dries to form these stunning crackles. I highlighted the composition with Finn’s waxes, to give it this breathtaking finish. Finally, some touches of white paint or gesso to highlight some areas and the result is this beautifully detailed,textured mixed media piece.

    #963958 Art Alchemy – Vintage Gold  Metallique wax   -#966775 Finnabair metallique wax- Peacock #969493 Finnabair mould- Clockwork Sparrow -#969523 Finnabair mould- Mirror Frames

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