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  • New: Finnabair Paints

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    Introducing new paints in magical colors by Finnabair! We’re adding gorgeous new tones to our mixed-media line-up! Look for FOUR new SPARKS colors and EIGHT new METALLIQUE Paints! Scroll on down to experience color like never before with gorgeous photos and amazing projects by Finnabair and her talented team: Tusia, Olya, Olga, Juliya, and Katja!

    Metallique Paints


    New Metallique Paints are bursting with pigment-filled color, which all include a touch of glimmer in their acrylic base.

    New colors include:

    1. Dragonfly
    2. Stormy Cloud
    3. Fresh Lavender
    4. Amethyst
    5. Flame
    6. Jade Stone
    7. Hazelnut
    8. Spring Blossom

    Look at the gorgeous difference when applied to a light versus dark surface! A bit more shimmer shines through on the black surface, making those colors pop even more.

    Sparks Paints

    Pigment-filled AND glimmer-filled, Sparks will truly give your project that extra burst of color and shine! If you think that the Metallique Paints are beautiful and shimmery, then the Sparks Paints go off the scale in terms of Shine and Shimmer!

    New Sparks colors include:

    1. Enchanted Pink
    2. Phoenix Feather
    3. Chest OF Gold
    4. Green Goblin
    5. Night Shadow

    Try SPARKS on both light and darker surfaces for even more versatility with the products. As Finnabair showed us in her Facebook Live spray with water on your project to magically separate the colors to their base and mica tones! Look here under the video tab: https://www.facebook.com/finnabairdesigns/


    French Lavender, Hazelnut, Amethyst, and Chest of Gold Metallique + Sparks Paints SHINE on Olga Bielska’s beautiful project!

    Metallique Paints in Stormy Ocean, Dragonfly, and Hazelnut add gorgeous color popping off the black base on Juliya’s Dreaming Moon project!

    This beautiful Star Box by Katja highlights new Metallique + Sparks Paints in Stormy Ocean, Flame, Chest of Gold, Night Shadow and Phoenix Feather!


    How gorgeous is new Spring Blossom Metallique Paint on this Art Daily spread by Tusia? The color shines through with beauty and elegance!

    Are you in LOVE with Finn’s new paints like I am? I have my eye on a few new shades that look simply DIVINE!!! Which ones are your favorites???

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