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  • October’s Art Recipe

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    “Everywhere there are Autumn and Halloween colours. We decided to go against the mainstream (as usually 😀 ), so this month’s Art Recipe challenge is focused on totally different colours.” ~ Finnabair

    “The rules are very simple. Each challenge consists of a colour palette and select products. Stick to the colour palette and use at least two of the products listed in a challenge to enter.”

    September Art Recipe Colors:



    Shades of Gold

    September Art Recipe Products:

    Art Alchemy: Metallique Paints  

    Art Extravagance: Texture Paste Crackle  

    Art Ingredients: Art Stones  

    Metal Embellishments

    Inspiration from Finn’s Design Team:

    “I am in love in changing seasons… each new season brings so much excitement, energy and new ideas to me. And I am so excited for the Autumn time which is greeting us with all its amazing warm colors. This was my first thought when seeing this month’s Art Recipe colors – cobalt, brown and shades of gold. I decided to create a beautiful Autumn treasure house using white crackle paste, Art Alchemy Metallique paints in shades of brown and blue and quite lots of different Metal embellishments.” ~ Aleksandra

    This will be a very special piece in our home which will decorate our shelves and bring warmth to our home all until the winter time comes.

    961503 – Prima – Art extravagance – Texture paste – White crackle
    961480 – Prima – Art extravagance – Texture paste – Black sand
    964658 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Impasto paint – Dark chocolate
    967840 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique – Hazelnut
    965143 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique – Royal Blue
    966775 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique wax – Peacock
    966768 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique wax – Old denim
    963958 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique wax – Vintage gold
    966720 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique wax – Firebird
    967154 – Prima – Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland ferns
    967161 – Prima – Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland leaves
    963347 – Prima – Mechanicals – Pocket Watches
    963361 – Prima – Mechanicals – Tin hearts
    960322 – Prima – Mechanicals flowers – mini
    963705 – Prima – Art ingredients – Art stones
    963712 – Prima – Art ingredients – Mini art stones
    966294 – Prima – Art ingredients – Melange – Vintage art pebbles

    “Hello, mixed media people!
    Today’s project is inspired by Art Recipe by Finnabair;)) There are a lot of metal embellishments, metallic paint, crackle texture paste, art stones and all of them in wonderful brown color with delicate cobalt shades.” ~ Kasia S.

    I applied texture paste through Finnabair stencil to create a pattern at the background. I did the same on the HDF heart. Then at several points I added a bit of white, crackle paste. Later I started to glue down all individual elements. You can see also natural wooden sticks. They stick perfectly with Heavy Body Gel.

    Then I added a base of heart and beautiful metal accessories that I like to use so much in my creative projects. You can find all links below. I added also several cogs and swirls from HDF material. To comfortably colour everything, I covered all individual elements with Clear Gesso. It is colorless and gives matte surface. That way you can get completely different look of objects that initially looked completely different. With the help of Heavy Body Gel I glued everything together, focusing on the main point, which is the heart.

    For colouring, I used one of my favorite paints – brown liquid acrylic paint. I diluted it with water, thanks to which the color gently melted on patterns from the stencil and some details of my project. In several places I added some metallic paint, art stones in two sizes, a bit of gold wax, a few splashes of white Impasto paint and black gesso mixed with water. The whole looks like this;))

    961466 – Prima – Art Basics – Gesso – Clear
    961459 – Prima – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black
    961442 – Prima – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White
    963040 – Prima – Art Basics – Heavy Body Gel
    961503 – Prima – Art Extravagance – Texture Paste – White Crackle
    961411 – Prima – Art Basics – Modeling Paste
    966645 – Prima – Finnabair Stencil – Iris Tapestry
    967703 – Prima – Finnabair – Mechanicals – Old Plates 2
    967154 – Prima – Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland Ferns
    964382 – Prima – Mechanicals – Metal Lotus
    961039 – Prima – Mechanicals – Leaves 1
    960322 – Prima – Mechanicals Flowers Mini
    967222 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Burnt Sienna
    964511 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Snow White
    967819 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique – Stormy Ocean
    964672 – Prima – Art Ingredients – Mega Art Stones
    963705 – Prima – Art Ingredients – Art Stones

    “Hello, mixed media friends! Our October Art Recipe immediately fascinated me with these colors – cobalt, brown and shade of gold. What a beautiful combination! At the end of October, as we all know there will be a Halloween. Since our son grown up we don’t celebrate it anymore. But in elder times we were imagining costumes and have meeting with our friends to celebrate this day. And all that lead me to make this project. I made a decision to create “Old House with Ghosts”.” ~ Anastasia K.

    First of all, I came up with a vision of my project. And it’s my favorite shape of creation – the house. I made the base from cardstock and paper. And then I colored up base by liquid acrylic paints and metallique paints. I used scrapbooking paper and cutted elements from this paper. To get brown I choose liquid acrylic paint Burnt Umbra and Rustic Brown from Metallique series. Also I used texture paste Brown Rust. I like experiment and to get Cobalt color I mixed liquid acrylic paint Ultramarine and metallique acrylic paint Red Vine. And it worked! I have got Cobalt color!

    For some “rooms” I used  Finnabair Tissue Paper – Carte Postale, and then applied liquid acrylic for colored up it. I “decorate” rooms of cut elements from Art Daily – Vintage Photobooth. As a “shades of gold” I used Metallique wax Vintage gold and acrylic paint Ancient Coin.

    I couldn’t add volumetric elements inside my project, so I used them on the front side of my project. It’s metallique embellishments and chipboard, and cute paper clip from Art Daily set of clips – Nostalgia. Also I used Mini art stones and micro beads to get a some texture.

    967222 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Burnt Sienna
    967291 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Ultramarine
    966355 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Linen
    965129 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique – Rustic Brown
    964511 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Snow White
    964528 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Pitch Black
    963057 – Prima – Art Alchemy – Metallique – Ancient Coin
    961466 – Prima – Art Basics – Gesso – Clear
    966294 – Prima – Art Ingredients – Melange – Vintage Art Pebbles
    964702 – Prima – Art Ingredients – Micro Beads set
    963712 – Prima – Art Ingredients – Mini Art Stones
    964818 – Prima – Art Daily – Nostalgia
    964832 – Prima – Art Daily – Vintage Photobooth
    967017 – Prima – Cling Stamps – Beautiful Story
    967154 – Prima – Finnabair – Mechanicals – Woodland Ferns
    962111 – Prima – Mounted Stamp – Collect Moments
    963408 – Prima – Mechanicals – Grungy Butterflies
    963354 – Prima – Mechanicals – Mini Stars

    How To Enter?

    1. Create a project with our color scheme and all obligatory products listed at the beginning of this blog post

    2. If any products are not notably visible on the project, please leave information where to find them on your project in the description on your blog.

    3. Enter using Inlinkz on Finn’s site here: https://tworzysko.blogspot.com/2019/10/art-recipe-october-2019.html

    Challenge will be closed on November 9th. The lucky winner will be announced by the end of November.
    We hope you feel inspired and we can’t wait to see your projects! 🙂

    A special thanks to Finnabair’s amazing DT coordinator, Tusia, and her wonderful team! Each month they work very hard on the Art Recipe projects, providing us with beautiful inspiring pieces and wonderful write-ups! Let’s give them a BIG hand of appreciation for all they do!

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