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  • Paint Pouring!

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    It’s all the rage and rightly so. Mixing paints to see what patterns and colors you’ll end up with is just too tempting! We asked our team to try their hand at paint pouring with ANY of our Prima products…a first for most of them! We think their results are STUNNING!

    Liquid Acrylics

    “I tried doing a small pour on a coaster using the Liquid Acrylic inks by Finnabair. I had my base prepared with white paint already and used these inks directly from the bottle itself….no additives were necessary I love how effortlessly they blended to create such gorgeous effects. When dry my coaster retained the same colors, design, and intensity!” ~ Jaya


    I used the paints directly from the bottle without any additives (silicon, alcohol, etc.) But, one can mix these to get beautiful cells on their work. Also since I was working on a small area i did not move around the paint much. I just let it do it own work!

    Prima Products:
    Finnabair liquid acrylic ink- Titanium white-#967352, Ultramarine-#967291, Avocado green- #967321, Deep turquoise- #967307, Ink black- #967345

    Fluid Medium

    Tip: Fluid Medium can be added to Finnabair’s paints to extend drying time and add movement. It won’t dilute the color, but will assist in moving the paint around easier.

    Impasto Paints

    Almost any paint will work for a “paint pour” project, but Prima’s paints are high-quality, specialty paints…which will give your finished projects extra pizzazz! So, simply start with a plain backdrop (chipboard, canvas, wood, etc) and have at it. There are so many FABULOUS tutorials from beginner to advanced. Try playing around with different Finnabair paints for different color choices and effects!

    -Metallique Paints for a bit of shimmer.

    -Sparks Paints for lots of shimmer.

    -Impasto Paints for a matte finish.

    -Liquid Acrylics for intense color.

    (Tanya used Impasto paints for this gorgeous pour, mixing a few colors with silicone to help with cell development and movement.)

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