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  • Pumpkin-Inspired!

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    We’ve been chasing down every pumpkin-inspired project that we can find! From altered craft pumpkins to pumpkin-shaped pieces and everything in between, Prima has everything you need to make this season pumpkinlicious!

    Altered Craft Pumpkin

    by Tanya using Finnabair Liquid Acrylics, Metallique paints, and waxes!

    Pumpkin Frame

    by Toni using redesign moulds and Finnabair waxes + Autumn Sunset flowers!

    Moulded Pumpkins

    by Karine using redesign moulds and waxes!

    Watercolor Pumpkins

    by Natalia using Art Philosophy Professional Tubes.

    Pumpkin Accents

    by Shannon using pumpkin-shaped accents from the Autumn Sunset collection!

    Autumn Canvas

    by Reniferove using Autumn Sunset’s papers, embellies, and flowers!

    Are you pumpkin-inspired yet? Look for these and more ideas on our Create With Prima Facebook page and Prima Instagram page!

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