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    Jen Farooq

    When you think of a scrapbook collection, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the paper. Beautiful paper is the back bone to any collection but a collection would be a little mundane if there wasn’t ephemera to complement it. Euphemia can add texture and visual interest to any composition.

    What is ephemera? It’s paper based memorabilia that is not original meant for collecting. Think ticket stubs, post cards, stamps, receipts, stickers, and anything of a temporary nature. These little bits and bobs can hold memories, and sometimes people want to preserve them by incorporating them into a scrapbook composition.

    Ephemera has evolved to include all the beautiful die-cut graphics specifically designed to coordinate with paper collections and mimic the temporary feel of memorabilia. Ephemera included in a collection can consist of cutouts, tickets, envelopes, cards, stickers, and much more. Each collection is unique, as is the ephemera that coordinates with it. But don’t be afraid to mix and match ephemera from multiple collections!

    Take a moment to explore Ania’s latest project and witness how she skillfully integrated the ephemera from Karolina Bukowska’s “In the Moment” collection, designed for Prima, into her stunning composition.

    How do you use ephemera?

    Hello everyone,
    Today it’s all about ephemera! Let’s start with what ephemera actually is – it’s already cut graphics and elements that fit into a specific paper collection. It’s the basis for building any composition, for me it’s an absolute must-have. I’m delighted to share with you my inspiration, created from the In The Moment collection, where I mainly built compositions from ephemera elements and wonderful flowers.

    Product List: 664084- In The Moment Collection Ephemera 2  664077- In The Moment Collection Ephemera 1  664039- In The Moment Collection 12×12 Paper Pad 668372- In The Moment Collection Flowers – Airy Bliss  668334- In The Moment Collection Flowers – In No Time  668341- In The Moment Collection Flowers – Floral Splendor  968755- Art Extravagance – Jewel Texture Paste – Golden Dust  969905- Finnabair Stencils – Secret Letters

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