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  • Sharon Ziv Summer 2021

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    Jen Farooq

    Debuting with her first ever release for Prima Marketing, we would love to introduce a new international designer currently living in Cypress, Sharon Ziv! Sharon’s collection is beautifully expressive, and fully customizable, featuring mixed-media products: decoupage, transfers, moulds, and beautiful embellishments.

    “Expressions, emotions, inner movements- those are the important, fascinating factors I look for when I begin a new art piece, and that is what makes it so captivating. This search is what inspired me to create my own collection with Prima!

    The “Sharon Ziv” line includes a deeply expressive, decorative paper portrait, detailed chipboards, versatile moulds, gorgeous décor transfers, and wonderful flowers. All are true to the concept of creating movement, with a muted and natural color palette highlighted with floral motifs. These elements are all you will need for creating a piece that will harmoniously encapsulate the essence of your beautiful creativity.

    Whenever we create, we tell a story; unconscious feelings, deep thoughts, and raw emotions are all part of the process. According to a wise, old saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Perhaps it was for that reason that I chose to keep my lady’s eyes closed in my portrait drawings, so that all of these feelings can remain hidden, while we share the unique story each of us wants to tell, with our personal stories behind the portraits. ~ Sharon Ziv

    Decoupage Tissue Paper Sensationelle #930332

    “I’ve decided to call this lady portrait SENSATIONELLE SOUVENIR. Her posture, the way she held her head back, her light touch – it was clear to me that she is having a moment of recollection. She is revisiting a memory only she can tell, carried back to a point she can almost feel, hear, and sense the same way she felt.” ~ Sharon Ziv

    Diecut Chipboard Orchidea #930318

    Diecut Chipboard Bloom #930301

    Transfer Bloom #930295

    Transfer Orchidea #930288

    Silicone Mould #930271

    Butterfly Chase #930370

    Ethereal Flora #930363

    Mystic Roses #930356

    Mauve Dream #930349

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