Trina McClune is a stay at home Mum come scrapbook teacher who lives in Auckland, New Zealand with husband Andy, children Matt and Sarah (twins) and Daniel. Trina is one of New Zealand’s best known scrapbook teachers, working as a Prima endorsed educator traveling both internationally and throughout New Zealand creating fun and interesting classes while sharing her love of scrapbooking. A long-time fan of Prima, she also creates book and trade show samples and has been a regular contributor to the Prima blog and Prima’s own Artzine magazine. In the past Trina has worked with NZ and Australia’s premium Scrapbooking magazines as a writer and designer, and has also led a design team for an online magazine called PaperHaus Magazine. Along with her online teaching roles, Trina loves to host fabulous scrapbooking events and her biggest one to date was August 2013 in the South Island of NZ. Scrapfest by the Sea was a luxury scrapbook event attended by 65 people and the Christmas theme made for a fabulous mid-winter celebration in the NZ scrapbook community. Trina has shared her love of die cutting on the spellbinders blog, and their new ‘Explore Beyond’ website creating tutorials for them, and she loves to work with spellbinders, both in and out of the classroom. Over the years Trina’s style has evolved and changed, but has always had a simple base with a layered twist to it. She enjoys teaching how to make the most of products from patterned paper to packaging, die-cutting and layering. This year Trina made things more ‘official’ by creating her own website where she sells ready to make kits for sale and sent around the world. Coming complete with all the product/s needed to make the item in question and full colour instructions they have been popular for many years.

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