My name is Gabriela Eydelsteyn de Casoy (also known as Gaby Edel). I live in Buenos Aires , Argentina. I believe that the process of creating crafts with reliable materials allow us to understand the beauty of connecting our souls through hand-made crafts to the world. Crafting is not just art but a lifestyle. I love crafting because it is really important to me to be able to share my creativity and enthusiasm about art with others. By doing that I am able to connect with my students and followers which I find pleasure in encouraging them to find and discover their own creative sides.

Creativity - Is that phenomenon that we need to start something new and great.

Relief - the ability to release stress through the use of our hands while creating.

Authentic - every piece of art that we create is unique.

Fun - we can’t craft if we are not enjoying it.

True - and we need to be truthful to ourselves while doing it.

Thus, this is why I love to craft.

Professional Experience:
I am currently working as Argentine Educator for Prima Marketing. I used to work for an Argentinean TV show called “Bricolage,” broadcasted on Utilisima Satelital, which got acquired by Fox Life. I was also a guest at Casa Club (another TV show in Argentina). In addition, my works has been published in famous magazine such as “Mucho gusto labores” and “Expohobby.” Recently I’ve received an award for the best decorated table at Expohobby. My expertize is in sewing, home decor, and paper crafting. I also own a studio where I teach art to kids, teenagers and grown ups.

Contact Information: