I started picking up my pencil to draw at the age of 3 and the very first thing I drew were apple hearts which I clearly remembered till today. I took up traditional and general fine arts during my entire general education from age 7-17 and had received formal industry training in area of footwear design with various Italian trainers from a notable Italian shoemaking and design school, Ars Sutoria. Previously trained and had worked for Science and Medicine for more than a decade, my passion towards designing, innovating and creating led me to move into Arts & Design. Thanks to decades’ worth of scientific & medical research training, the innovation process in experimental design had made the transition possible and not a scary one, although I'm still at my infancy stage. The combination of Science & Art always excites me and I do enjoy the mind-boggling yet fulfilling creative process, making beautiful things out from the norm and create things from the unusual. Love almost everything that’s artsy & beautiful and a true believer that Art do speak. I desire to create things that are beautiful enough to inspire and encourage people in every means and aspired to be one such Artist in near future. Currently resides in Singapore, a tiny red dot along the equator on the map; also known as the Green City where you will be surrounded with lots of greeneries and enjoy summer all year round.

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