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  • The Magic of Finnabair Wax

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    Jen Farooq

    Finnabair wax is an artist’s dream come true, providing an extensive palette of colors and finishes to elevate your mixed-media projects, altered art pieces, canvases, and more. Its easy application, excellent bendability, and versatility ensure that your creative visions can become a tangible reality.

    For those seeking to add a touch of realism to their creations, Finnabair’s Patina Blue and Patina Green are the go-to choices. These enchanting shades beautifully emulate the look of oxidized metal surfaces, adding an authentic touch to your art pieces.

    On the other hand, the various golden and silver tones available in the Finnabair wax collection effortlessly inject an element of glamour and sophistication into any project. Whether you want a subtle glimmer or an extravagant sheen, these metallic shades will undoubtedly elevate your artwork to a whole new level.

    If you’re yearning to infuse your masterpieces with a vintage charm or an antiquated aura, look no further than Finnabair’s range of antiquing waxes. From the deep, smoky tones of soot to the warm sepia hues, these antiquing waxes offer a gateway to the past, imparting a beautifully aged appearance that will captivate any viewer.

    Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your artistic journey, Finnabair wax is a must-have addition to your toolbox, unlocking a world of artistic expression and boundless inspiration.

    To show off the versatile of Finnabair Wax we asked our team to create projects that feature wax and we were blown away at their beautiful creations.

    “I added texture to my canvas with light texture paste and two Finn stencils. I created some castings from air dry clay and moulds. I painted the canvas and castings (except the light bulbs, these were painted with white gesso and liquid acrylic paints) with black gesso. My favourite technique at the moment is using black gesso on a textured surface and highlighting the raised area with metallique waxes.” – Tanya

    Product list:
    961459 Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso 969578 Imaginarium Moulds Light Bulbs 964016 Art Alchemy Metallique Wax White Gold 963958 Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Vintage Gold 966751 Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Mint Sparkle

    “Hi! I wanted to show you a different look at matte waxes from Finnabair. You don’t necessarily have to create complicated, mixed media projects to reach for this product. As you can see, my tags are quite simple. I prepared the background with Liquid Acrylic paints, added some stamps, and arranged the composition on it. I added some texture to the metal and resin elements with rust effect paste and highlighted all the details with matte wax – Patina Green. Such wax is also great for shading, here you can see that I added color on the edges of the tags.” -Kasia

    Art Ingredients-Melange Diamond Art Pebbles

    Products: 967864 Finnabair Wax Paste – Patina Green 966294 Art Pebbles Vintage 961268 Stencil – Honeycomb 998295 Indigo Collection Ephemera 998233 Indigo Collection 12×12 Sheet – Always Together 967246 Liquid Acrylic Tiger Orange 967222 Liquid Acrylic Paint – Burnt Sienna 967239 Liquid Acrylic True Yellow 967017 Beautiful Story Cling Stamps

    “Today it’s all a Finnabair’s Matte Waxes, these waxes  are perfect for layering color or just highlighting accents. For my project I have created an altered hoop that I colored with a mix of Patina Blue, Faded Denim & Old White Matte Wax. I absolutely love the matte textured look these waxes create.” -Lanette 

    Art Alchemy - Matte Wax - Faded Denim  - 1 tube, 20 ml

    Prima Products Used: 968731 –Art Alchemy – Matte Wax – Faded Denims 967857 –Finnabair Wax Paste – Old White 967871- Finnabair Wax Paste – Patina Blue 635190- REDESIGN CHALK PASTE -Chalky White 663650- Spring Abstract Collection Flowers – Spring 663261- Spring Abstract Collection Flowers – Shades of Spring 653552- Chipboard Diecut 651442 – Watercolor Floral A4 Paper Pad 643270 -REDESIGN DÉCOR MOULDS® 5″X8″ – NUMERALS 599409 – Pima Wings Mould 969493 – Finnabair Moulds – Clockwork Sparrows 969394 – Finnabair Moulds – Love Machine 969448 –Finnabair Moulds – Steampunk Hearts 659431 –Aquarelle Dreams Collection Mould 963705 –Art Ingredients- Art Stones

    “I love waxes! With their help, it is very easy to place accents so that the work is complete. For this project I used several different waxes, matte and metallic.” -Marina

    Art Alchemy Matte Wax - Ochre - 1 tube, 20ml

    Products Used: #968687 Alchemy Matte Wax – Ochre  #963958 Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Vintage Gold #966751 Art Alchemy- Metallique Wax – Mint Sparkle #967222 Art Alchemy-Liquid Acrylic Paint – Burnt Sienna #969554 Finnabair Moulds – Regalia

    “Today, we are sharing projects made with Finnabair wax at prima.I love Finnabair waxes, they are so easy to use and you do not need to put much effort to get a beautiful result.

    In my project, I have created a composition using various mould embellishments. I then applied Stained Wood and Ochre wax on the embellishments and Charcoal wax to add depth.

    I also applied Vintage gold wax to highlight the embellishments randomly. To adorn the project, I added microbeads and golden splatters around the composition.” -Veena

    Art Alchemy Matte Wax - Stained Wood - 1 tube, 20ml


    Products List: 655350967901 – Finnabair Wax Paste – Charcoal Black 655350968694 – Art Alchemy Matte Wax – Stained Wood 655350968687 – Art Alchemy Matte Wax – Ochre 655350963958 – Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Vintage Gold 655350969561 – Finnabair Moulds – Vintage Ladies 655350969547 – Finnabair Moulds – Regal Lions 655350969530 – Finnabair Moulds – Ornate Frames 655350969523 – Finnabair Moulds – Mirror Frames 655350969578 – Finnabair Moulds – Vintage Light Bulbs

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