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  • Turning Tools into Art

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    Jen Farooq

    Do you have an old paintbrush lying around? Chances are, as an artist you probably do. And before you toss that brush with dried paint on it -here’s a stroke of genius: why not give it a dazzling second life by transforming it into a masterpiece? There is no limits as to what you can create with an old paint brush. Weather you use the brush as the canvas of your creation, the focal point, or just a single element in the background, turning what used to be a tool for your creative endeavor into art itself is sure to be an enjoyable challenge.

    Our team really let their creativity shine through with their gorgeous altered paintbrushes.

    “For my altered paint brush I was inspired by the adorable little witch in Frank’s New Twilight Collection. She is just the sweetest thing with her big smile and little tutu. So with a mix of Twilight Ephemera, Flowers and lots of orange tulle, this brush came together in a snap. I really like the way this brush turned out. I hope you like it too!” -Lanette 

    Art Extravagance - Golden Dragon Effect Paste - 1 jar, 100ml

    Prima Products Used: 980931  Twilight Collection Ephemera – Bewitching 980917  Twilight Collection Chipboard 980979  Twilight Collection Pearls 980962  Twilight Collection Charms 667856  Twilight Collection Flowers – First Twilight 667832  Twilight Collection Flowers – Haunted Night 663063  Luna Collection Flowers – Halloween Mix 661038  Luna Collection Flowers – Haunted House 968359  Art Extravagance – Golden Dragon Effect Paste

    “I love decorating brushes! Each brush has its own story! This brush is about the magical Lion City. Have you noticed the most important lion?)) This city is magical, that’s why flying lions and people with butterfly wings live there, and everything is bright and beautiful there! This is exactly the fabulous mood I wanted to convey on my brush. Don’t forget to dream! After all, fantasy is so fun and interesting!” -Zhanna

    I used: 969547 Finnabair Moulds – Regal Lions 969554 Finnabair Moulds – Regalia 969523 Finnabair Moulds – Mirror Frames  969424 Finnabair Moulds – Pieces of Underworld 969431 Finnabair Moulds – Pocket Watches 968656 Finnabair – Moulds – Nocturnal Elements 968601 Finnabair – Moulds – Rusty Pipeline  961459 Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black 966713 Art Alchemy- Metallique Wax – Electric Violet 966027 Art Extravagance – Texture Fantasy – Northern Lights 964580 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Heather 964627 Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Jade 966751 Art Alchemy- Metallique Wax – Mint Sparkle 966775 Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax – Peacock 966744 Art Alchemy- Metallique Wax – Indian Pink 662332 Postcards from Paradise Collection Mould 969752 Finnabair Stencil – Folk Florals

    “Altering brushes are one of my favorite projects! This time I decided to use the Aquarelle Dreams Collection! I added in some resin pieces from finns moulds along with the sweet dragonflies from the 3 girls tale!” -Nicole

    Art Alchemy- Impasto Paint - Mediterranean

    Products Used: 968366 – Art Extravagance – Magic Potion Effect Paste 659430 – Aquarelle Dreams Collection Mould 969578 – Finnabair Moulds – Vintage Light Bulbs 659677 – Aquarelle Dreams Collection Flowers 659660 – Aquarelle Dreams Collection Flowers 966393 – Art Alchemy- Impasto Paint – Wild Iris 966447 – Art Alchemy- Impasto Paint – Mediterranean 964634 – Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint – Azure

    “I am the dragonfly rising on the wings of unlocked dreams on the verge of magical things.” – Aimee Stewart

    “The graceful shape and iridescent wings of dragonflies are just so dreamy and magical! I wanted to capture that feeling in this altered paintbrush. I started by creating a color fade from teal to purple on the brush, using Finnabair Impasto Paints. I mixed the Jade and Mediterranean colors to create a custom teal that better matches the Aquarelle Dreams collection from The 3 Girls Tale.

    When layering on the flowers and other embellishments, I matched the color of the embellishments to the placement on the brush, carrying on that color gradient through the layers. I added flowers, rub on transfers applied to acetate, die cut leaves from the 6×6 paper pad and moulds from the Aquarelle Dreams collection. I also added a Redesign mould and the Finnabair Vintage Lightbulb moulds.

    All the moulds were painted with a purple and blue watercolor paint from Art Philosophy. For an iridescent touch, I popped on some Say It In Crystals from Zella Teal and Watercolor Floral collections. Finally, all the moulds got a little dose of Metallic Pastel Dreams Watercolor Accents and some White Gesso sponged on to add a shabby chic touch.” -Adrienne

    Products Used: 966393 Art Alchemy Impasto Wild Iris | 964627 Art Alchemy Impasto Jade | 966447 Art Alchemy Impasto Mediterranean | 961442 Art Basics Heavy White Gesso | 590253 Art Philosophy Pastel Dreams Watercolor Set | 631895 Art Philosophy Metallic Pastel Accents Watercolor Set | 636340 Redesign With Prima Moulds Regal Trimmings | 659431 Aquarelle Dreams Moulds | 659448 Aquarelle Dreams Rub On Transfers | 659653 Aquarelle Dreams Serene | 659660 Aquarelle Dreams Wilderness | 659691 Aquarelle Dreams Surrender | 651572 Watercolor Floral Say It In Crystals | 595579 Zella Teal Say It In Crystals 

    “Creating altered brushes is so much fun! This time I created my brush using a lot of fussy cut elements from the Postcards From Paradise collection. I also used lot of Ephemeras and Rub On Transfer Sheets. I rubbed the Rub On Transfer images onto the acetate and cut them like fussy cut elements. I layered these beautiful elements with Prima Flowers from The Plant Department and Miel collection. Hope you like my brush! -Sanna”

    Product list:

    662387 – Postcards From Paradise Collection – Rub On Transfer Sheets662318 – Postcards From Paradise Collection – Ephemera662233 – Postcards From Paradise Collection – 6×6 Paper Pad662356 – Postcards From Paradise Collection – SIIC969523 – Finnabair Moulds – Mirror Frames664374 – Prima Flowers – The Plant Department Collection – Peachy Keen664381 – Prima Flowers – The Plant Department Collection – Soft Pastels658809 – Prima Flowers – Miel Collection – Parisienne659561 – Prima Flowers – Strawberry Milkshake Collection – Berry Sweet

    “Today is all about altered Brushes. I decided to try something a little different inspired by some images I found on Pinterest. I created this scary Witch Brush altered with some amazing Finnabair products. I have included step by step instructions if you wish to re-create your own. ” – Tanya

    1. Prep the paint brush with white gesso, except the bristles.

    2. Add some air dry clay to the paint brush and mould a witch face using your hands and some art tools.

    3. Then gently cover the face piece with soft matte gel. Leave to dry.

    4. Prep again with white gesso.

    5. Paint the face with liquid acrylic paint Umber. And lightly dry brush some areas with black gesso.

    6. Create some bone castings with the mould and air dry clay. Paint with Impasto and liquid acrylic paints.

    7. Paint the hat and some sisal (for the fringe/bangs) with black gesso.

    8. Gently heat the paint brush bristles with a heat tool to give the ‘hair’ a curly effect.

    Product list: 961442 Art Basics Heavy White Gesso 961459 Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso 961428 Art Basics Soft Matte Gel 967338 Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paint Umber 967345 Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paint Ink Black 967222 Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paint Burnt Sienna 966355 Art Alchemy Impasto Paint Linen 968625 Imaginarium Moulds Wings and Bones

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