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  • What can you do with Finnabair’s Gesso?

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    Jen Farooq

    Finnabair’s Art Basics Gesso is a much needed staple in every artist’s tool box as it is known for its exceptional quality and ability to turn ordinary surfaces into the perfect canvas for artistic exploration.

    But what is Gesso? Gesso is the foundation of any mix media project. Gesso is a high-quality primer that acts as a bridge between your chosen surface and the layers of paint or other mixed media elements you intend to apply. Whether you’re working on canvas, wood, metal, fabric, or even plastic, gesso adheres seamlessly, providing a reliable base for your project. Its adaptability makes it a favorite among artists experimenting with diverse mediums.

    Finnabair Art Basics Gesso is not just a primer; it’s a tool for crafting texture and dimension in your artwork. By applying multiple layers and experimenting with different application techniques, artists can achieve a variety of effects – from subtle textures to bold, pronounced dimension. This unique quality allows for the creation of visually captivating pieces that engage both the eye and the touch. You can experiment with different tools, brushes, stencils, impressions and more to achieve unique textures and finishes.

    Art Basics Gesso comes in three options. White, clear, and black. Both the white and clear gesso can be tinted or colored with a verity of mediums such as liquid acrylics, mica powder, or glitter. Simply add the gesso to a pallet and mix in your medium of choice. Black gesso makes a dramatic backdrop for opaque mediums such as wax or acrylic paint.

    Gesso also acts as a protective layer for your artwork. Once applied and dried, it creates a barrier that guards against external elements, ensuring the longevity of your work. This added durability makes Finnabair’s Clear Gesso a reliable choice for artists looking to preserve their creations over time.

    What is your favorite way to use gesso?

    Project by Adrienne

    Finnabair’s white and black gesso are an absolute staple in mixed media that allows you to paint over non-porous surfaces with ease. But they also make lovely matte paints all on their own too! I wanted to showcase Finn’s black gesso as a matte paint, using it to cover my white canvas and my white resin moulds. 

    To add a little bit of texture to the canvas, I applied Graphite Texture Paste through a stencil. The texture on the moulds were highlighted with Metallique Waxes in Pearl White and Heather Hills for a hint of white to purple-gray hues. 

    I then layered on some vellum flowers from the Sunset collection (an oldie but a goodie flower collection), as well as white and grey flowers from the Aquarelle Dreams collection. I tucked in lace and some gems from the Postcards from Paradise collection as well as a few Memory Hardware Pearls to finish off this “greyscale” canvas. 

    961459 Finnabair Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso | 963040 Finnabair Art Basics Heavy Body Gel | 961497 Finnabair Art Extravagance Graphite Texture Paste | 969752 Finnabair Stencils Folk Florals | 969561 Finnabair Vintage Ladies Moulds | 968380 Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique Wax White Pearl | 966737 Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Heather Hills | 991944 Memory Hardware Pearls 2 | 662349 Postcards from Paradise Shaker Confetti | 662288 Postcards from Paradise Chipboard Stickers | 662325 Postcards from Paradise Lace | 659691 Aquarelle Dreams Surrender Flowers | 577803 Sunset Twilight Flowers | 577827 Sunset Evening Flowers 

    Project by Ania

    Hello everyone!

    Art Basics gessos are a must-have product! I use them in every Mixed Media project I create. For this one, I used all three of them. To start, I applied clear gesso to prime the canvas I was working on. I painted all the castings from the moulds with black gesso, highlighting the details with white gesso. Finally, I arranged a composition with flowers. 

    What type of gesso do you use most often?


    Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White (17 fl. oz.)

    Products I used:

    961374- Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White 961459- Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black 964054- Art Alchemy – Sparks – Dragon’s Eye 968304- Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylics – Nude 661014- Candy Cane Lane Collection Flowers – Sugar Sweet 663148- Love Notes Collection Flowers – Enchanting Song 664473- Avec Amour Collection Flowers – Endearing Notes 665630- French Blue Collection Flowers – Cherished Memories 665685- French Blue Collection Flowers – Enveloping Feeling 968939- Finnabair – Moulds – Large Gears  968663- Finnabair – Moulds – Machine Parts

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